Jack Claffey (Jack Gallagher) signs with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

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Jack Claffey, the former ‘Jack Gallagher’ signs a deal with BKFC.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship made the announcement that Jack Claffey, formerly known as ‘Jack Gallagher’ has signed with the organization. Claffey went 2-0 as an amateur MMA fighter. He picked up wins in December of 2015 and April of 2016, both via submission.

Claffey joined the WWE in 2016 as a part of the company’s reboot of the cruiserweight division. In June of 2020, he was released from the company. Before his release, he was named in the #SpeakingOut movement. A sexual assault claim was made against him.


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It’s time I said something. This kind of behaviour isn’t acceptable #SpeakingOut pic.twitter.com/bIiwjywiqZ

— Becky (@plantmommy300) June 19, 2020

Claffey would later respond to the allegations with the following statement, which has since been deleted from his Twitter:

In 2014, at a New Year’s Eve party, I met a young woman and my behaviour towards her was inappropriate. As this party was nearly six years ago and I had drunk quite a larger amount of alcohol that night, unfortunately, I do not recollect what happened. I wish to make it clear that drinking is not an excuse for my behaviour that night. I want to express my deepest regrets, and I am genuinely sorry for the upset that I have caused.

Following these allegations, I proactively contacted the Head of WWE Talent Relations to take responsibility for my actions, as I was aware that the woman who made the allegations and I had both attended the same New Year’s Eve party. I was then informed that this would be a breach of the company ethics policy, and this is what led to my release form my contract with the WWE.

His last documented wrestling match was in the summer of 2020 for the 205 Live brand.

Well this seems like a natural new career for Jack. Not every wrestler essentially blacklisted two years ago can find a new career in MMA… though anything is possible. Joey Ryan could get his jaw broken. :crossed_fingers:

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So I guess Jack’s wife posts here now :wave:

Is that suppose to be satire? @wai0937 please have a look at this.

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Wow, talk about random. That is even sadder than BDoinks usual crap.

Deleted / IP banned.


Detective Ting on the case

Damn! So his management came in here to write such a statement. A totally different story coming up here. Thanks Wai!

What a wild ride

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So sad I missed the removed post, haha.

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Essentially the user said that “as a woman” nobody could drug them and anyone that claims they were drugged after the fact is lying and trying to get attention blah blah blah. I saw it last night and figured the dumb post wouldn’t get through the night. Such bad grammar as well, looked like it was written by a child.