Jack Perry addresses pushback to him joining NJPW's HOUSE OF TORTURE faction

Originally published at Jack Perry addresses pushback to him joining NJPW's HOUSE OF TORTURE faction

A message from Perry to those who criticized him joining HOUSE OF TORTURE. 

As a part of the 2024 New Japan Cup tournament, Jack Perry made his NJPW in-ring debut. He scored a win over Shota Umino in the first round to advance and coming out of that, Perry officially joined the HOUSE OF TORTURE faction. 

Perry teamed with his new faction mates at the 3/7 New Japan Cup show and they picked up a win. In his backstage comments, he reacted to those who were not big on him joining HOUSE OF TORTURE. Perry told those individuals, “Cry me a f*cking river”. 

Second match, Japan, 2-0. First time with the new team. Undefeated so far with me, ‘Scapegoat’ Jack Perry on the team. I see a lot of people on the internet talk sh*t about the HOUSE OF TORTURE. Why? I appreciate these guys, because they’re not afraid to be themselves. They’re not afraid to do what has to be done. So everybody out there complaining, cry me a f*cking river.

The ‘cry me a river’ line is what Perry said into a camera during his match at All In in Wembley Stadium. That led to his physical altercation with CM Punk that resulted in Punk being fired and Perry being indefinitely suspended by AEW. 

Perry has dubbed himself ‘Scapegoat’. He arrived to NJPW at Battle in the Valley and ambushed Shota Umino. Perry stood in the ring and ripped up an AEW contract.

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