Jake Hager vs. Anthony Garrett ends in a no contest at Bellator 231

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/10/25/jake-hager-vs-anthony-garrett-ends-in-a-no-contest-at-bellator-231/

Jake Hager’s third professional mixed martial arts didn’t end with the desired outcome as he left Bellator 231 with a no-contest on his record.

Hager faced 4-2 heavyweight Anthony Garrett and was utilizing a game plan of knee strikes to the body. The knees from Hager were frequently going below the beltline and resulted in Garrett absorbing multiple low blows.

Garrett complained of a low shot early in the fight, but referee Dan Miragliotta did not halt the action. Later in the round, Hager clearly connected with a knee that was low and time was called. As the fight resumed, Hager hit yet another low blow with Garrett plunging to the mat and unable to continue the fight.

Miragliotta ruled it was accidental and therefore was ruled a no-contest after 1:56 of action.

Hager walked to the cage with “We the People” repeatedly displayed on his entrance video with Inner Circle stable mates Santana, Ortiz, and Sammy Guevara seated in the crowd and cheering Hager.

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Still a win for his character in AEW. No doubt Jericho is going to put him over as a bad ass, who beat the shit out of his opponent.


To be a Bellator viewer, is to suffer.

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Hager needs to incorporate below-the-belt knee strikes into his heel character.


WWE guys
Seth Rollins Does it he is a punk in a scripted fight people HATE it!!!
AJ does it he is a punk in a scripted fight people hate it!


Jake Hager Does it in a real fight! He is a bad ass and loved!

More notably, in Bellator “We the People” is a smart idea from good creative.


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