Jake Lee captures GHC Heavyweight Championship at NOAH Great Voyage

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2023/03/19/jake-lee-captures-ghc-heavyweight-championship-at-noah-great-voyage/

After several months in NOAH, Jake Lee is now champion. 

Headlining Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Great Voyage 2023 show in Yokohama, Japan was Kaito Kiyomiya defending the GHC Heavyweight Championship against Jake Lee. 

Kiyomiya’s reign that started in September 2022 came to an end as he was bested by Lee. After the bout, Lee was approached by Kongo’s Katsuhiko Nakajima.

ジェイクが奪取!!!清宮からスリー!!!! @ABEMA で視聴中 https://t.co/kr6BMmi7vu #noah_ghc #gv2023 pic.twitter.com/pX8PzHlTVX

— プロレスリング・ノア |PROWRESTLING NOAH (@noah_ghc) March 19, 2023

ジェイク「俺が今日からNOAHの舵を取る!」 @ABEMA で視聴中 https://t.co/kr6BMmi7vu #noah_ghc #gv2023 pic.twitter.com/S0cSVXN6aI

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そこに、中嶋勝彦!!!!!! @ABEMA で視聴中 https://t.co/kr6BMmi7vu #noah_ghc #gv2023 pic.twitter.com/MLQmRm2KB4

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Jake Lee arrived to Pro Wrestling NOAH at their ‘NOAH The New Year’ event on January 1st. He formed the group ‘Good Looking Guys’ with Anthony Greene and Jack Morris.

At the Yokohama event, YO-HEY and Tadasuke were revealed as the newest members of Good Looking Guys.