Japan extends state of emergency until 6/20 including Tokyo and Osaka

Originally published at Japan extends state of emergency until 6/20 including Tokyo and Osaka

With Japan’s latest state of emergency set to expire this Monday, the country has opted to extend it by several more weeks.

The latest extension includes Tokyo and Osaka among the multiple prefectures, according to the Washington Post. A lower state of alert has also been extended within five prefectures until the second half of the month.

There continues to be great resistance by the Japanese public regarding the country’s insistence on hosting the Olympics that are set to begin in late July. The Washington Post story cites a recent poll where 83 percent of Japanese people are opposing the decision to go forward with the Olympics.

The vaccination roll-out has been extremely slow with the country’s vaccination rate at approximately 2.3 percent among its 125 million population.

There has been no word from any Japanese promotions regarding changes to their schedules over this latest extension.

New Japan has three events scheduled for Tokyo next week including two at Korakuen Hall and one at Ota Ward Gymnasium.

Pro Wrestling NOAH is set to host its Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial event this Monday from Korakuen Hall.

New Japan has the largest show to address with Dominion scheduled for Osaka-jo Hall on Sunday, June 6th. CyberAgent’s CyberFight Festival is scheduled for the same date at the Saitama Super Arena.