Jason Agnew and the Mouth return with Sunday Nights Main Event on Patreon


Recently on one of the Podcasts Wai did mention that Mouth and Jay were doing their thing and wished them well I believe so if anything I just don’t think they want to promote each other when they are kind of in competition. Didn’t Mouth recently do a NJPW recap with Wai too? I say if you enjoy them then $1 a show isnt too bad. Heck I pay a dollar a show for Botchamania to get it a few days early and to support the effort and not have to search around for it etc


So its changed again,half on monday then the 2nd hour 2 days later.Like anyone would pay for a quiz and Meltzer’s old news.


Sounds like it’s getting ridiculous now. You can see that it won’t get 500 patrons, I dunno why he’s fucking around with listeners like that.

I’ve been a long time loyal listener of his, but it’s essentially asking to pay for a salary for Mouth and sorry, that’s not my job. Start putting out John & Wai kinda content and maybe then you’ll get me.


So from what i’ve got, the new format for the podcast is that we get the first hour for free but have to pay to get the second hour with meltzer, turnbuckle trivia and the triple threat segment, so technically all the interesting stuff. I get that this is a crowdfunded show and that he doesn’t get a paycheck out of it but it’s kinda a weird choice to give just half the show for free especially since it’s a radio show first and a podcast second. At best, if he wanted to get more subscribers to his show via patreon, he could have done like so many other and just postpone the free version for a day and release it on a tuesday instead of monday and just release a un eidited version on monday mornings for the patreon member.

I get that 1$ isn’t that much but it’S still 1$ u.s which mean that’s is a little bit more then 1$ to get the podcast. I’ve had the same problem with post wrestling when i join the post wrestling cafe earlier this year. I thought it was 6$ but in reality it was 6$ US so they would charge me 7$ instead of 6$ each month which became too much for my budget and had to unsubscribe for the summer.

So sadly, if that’s the new format of the show, as much as i like Jason and Mouth, i rather not listen at all then listen to half a show and have to pay for the other half. So for m, this is the end of a era and i rather get all my wrestling news from John and wai then continue with Jason and Mouth.


Fuckin’ people wanting to get paid for doing a job.


Get fucking paid by the company or offer solid content and I’ll pay. I’m not paying for week old news that everyone else has already discussed. I dont have idiot written on my head.


Cool bro. What other products and services do you not like and feel the need to complain and cry about not deserving your money?


I can complain about whatever I fucking please and if you dont like it, thats too damn bad. Dont read it. I dont read most of your crap on here. Its not my fault if you choose to read mine.


Let’s all play nice!


But you didn’t answer the question. Do you cry about everything you don’t like or just this?


I can’t recall any watery substance coming from my eyes today.


A clarification the 1st hour is free the 2nd hour will only be for Patreon