Jason Agnew and the Mouth return with Sunday Nights Main Event on Patreon

One guy is really hung up on the incredibly common word, “post”.

There is a PPV EVERY sunday now? Shit…I’ve been missing out then. I wasnt aware of that fact.

Also, if it is the standard word for a show after the PPV, then the ad is actually wrong and it is infact a POST show, as you’re trying to say.

So which is it?

I’m saying you are looking for something that isn’t there.

Has anyone been listening to Agnew? I haven’t listened in months. Any thoughts on his show? Is Mouth still on?

I listen, but not with the same enthusiasm as I used to. The show is an outdated concept and I dont like how Agnew has gone about things since the LAW ended. I dont think he is providing any kind of reason to sign up to his patreon. He takes away one hour of the show and makes you pay for it and the hour that is free, consists of week old news stories or fucking trivia. Mouth is on every other week I think. His new segment “Triple Threat” is just the same people over and over, swapped in and out.

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LMFAO! I bet most of these people who complain about Agnew having a Patreon are ones who subscribes to the Wrestling Observer for $11/month as all their shows are VIP.

SNME is a solid show. I listen to at least 2 or 3 of their shows a month. Agnew & Mouth still have that chemistry, & it’s awesome that there’s still a LIVE wrestling show still airing on terrestrial radio.

The only problem with the show, IMO is that it’s not The LAW. A Sunday night show w/o John and Wai is like the Warriors w/o Steph & Klay. You can still be a very good team…But the squad isn’t on that elite level anymore. :100:


The wrestling observer…you mean a place that actually provides quality and up to date news and doesnt try and use week old news and trivia, to get you to sign up?

No, I dont subscribe, but I would be way more willing to pay $11/month for what I consider good quality, than $4/month just to hear that same person on another show. I was born at night, but not last night.

Nothing against John and wai because i really love what they are doing, but i cancelled my patreon backing to they’re shows and gave it to Jason because i really like what JAson is doing better and the fact that he goes about his show more like a fan of wrestling and less like a journalist is why i went with him. Jason and mouth are really entertaining and that i must listen too for me every week. I still miss the law days when all three were together because they had great chemistry together and even last year when they did the best and worst of show together for this website, i really loved it more then this year anyway but while i’m entertain by both the post wrestling podcast and SNME, it’s still not the same as it was for during THE LAW years as John isn’t as entertaining without Jason and Mouth and vice versa.

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Oh good a SNME fan. I knew there was another one out there. I was surprised when John read the Top 7 listener picks for best podcast and nobody chose it. I chose the Observer too but damn

Completely forgot Jason Agnew was still around. Good for him.

Was great hearing Mouth on the Christmas Show. Hope to hear him more than just the yearly Christmas hit.

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Always great to hear Mouth. John and Wai really did build their own brand with their review shows, it only makes sense they’d move on. A year in, I’d call Post Wrestling a massive hit. Meanwhile, I hope the best for Jason and Dan, the LAW had a great run.


So what was the ‘beef’ all about Brayden referred to in the best of show?

I’m guessing that when the LAW ended Jason asked John and Wai to do a new show together, John and Wai wanted to branch out on their own without him and Agnew got pissed off about it and now they don’t talk?!

To be fair, SNME is a lot to ask to pay for, week old news, a triple threat segment with the same people rotated… having to pay to play trivia.

Its cool to have a live radio show to call in after PPV’s still etc but sometimes the show isn’t even live.

There is too much content out there, and SNME is not for me.

You get a lot more for your money with Post imo.


I don’t know if you’ll get an answer, John and Wai have repeatedly said they don’t want to talk about it, which is completely fine by me.

FWIW, Agnew was on one of POST’s first shows, the Best/Worst Of 2017 show. Bartender Dave was also the original co-host of upNXT before abruptly quitting and joining SNME, so maybe this is all over custody of Dave!

Didn’t Bartender Dave completely flake a post takeover show? I mean downright left us hanging. I could have that wrong but Portman is so much better and more fun on upNXT.


If I remember correctly, he fell asleep. I prefer Davie anyways. He feels more genuine to me.

Bartender Dave sounded like a dick anyway. Always prefered Davie.

Jon & Wai mentioned on the live Ask A Wai that they were issues and every other time they’ve been asked the question they’ve chose to ignore it so I think we should leave it at that, unless they ever decide to bring the subject up on their own, good to see the issues don’t stretch as far as Mouth and it was great listening to him on the Xmas show, I have no plans to be a Patreon for SNME which others have said is just a recording of the radio show.

Not for me. Wish him the best, but Agnew’s style is not my cup of tea.

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I thought one of the biggest changes I wanted to see John Pollock and Wai Ting make to post wrestling was to have a show where we the patreons could get more interactively involved. That’s why I applauded them when I heard about the Café hangout… fantastic idea.

It almost feels nostalgic sometimes whenever I listen to Jason Agnew because of how long I listened to the law on TSN Sunday nights, I still love the radio phone in show straight after a ppv. Agnew certainly is a divisive character you really either love or hate him.

I am really hoping for regular roundtable shows with John Wai Dan and Jason in 2019.