Jason Harrison opens up about WWE aspirations, WWE's Sue Aitchison checking on him after he was shot

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2023/04/06/jason-harrison-opens-up-about-wwe-aspirations-wwes-sue-aitchison-checking-on-him-after-he-was-shot/

A recount of Jason Harrison’s story. 

There is a feature story that Block Club Chicago published about pro wrestler Jason Harrison. He was getting his in-ring career underway and in 2018, an incident occurred while he was working at a nightclub in Chicago. 

There was an exchange that led to Jason removing an individual from the nightclub and once the club closed and Harrison was leaving, the same individual who he removed from the club shot him four times during a struggle for the weapon. 

He was not able to compete for a lengthy period of time but after extensive rehab and physical therapy, he got back in the ring in 2019. Harrison was able to get extra work for WWE on several occasions and in March of 2020, he had a WWE tryout ahead of him but that was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He told Block Club Chicago that he feels 2023 is the year for him to get signed. 

I feel like this year, it has to happen. This is the year I have to be signed.

Despite being shot four times, the idea of never wrestling again did not cross Jason’s mind. 

I knew it was going to be a long recovery, but the idea of never wrestling [again] never popped up in my head. I’m blessed that I wasn’t paralyzed, I’m blessed that I didn’t lose a limb.

Prior to the incident, Harrison had done a few extra spots for WWE and after the situation occurred, longtime WWE employee and 2019 Warrior Award recipient, Sue Aitchison, sent a letter to Harrison and that motivated him. 

I think that motivated me to get back on my feet and do this. You spend all your life trying to do something and it don’t work out, then something new happens in your life and all these doors open.

At the 2020 Royal Rumble Premium Live Event, Harrison was part of the Roman Reigns versus Baron Corbin match and he took a punch from Reigns. 

Thank you for sharing this story, AT.

Just imagining the sheer physical and mental trauma from being shot, the excruciating physical therapy, and then the lengthy recovery that would understandably cause most to succumb to the challenges.

This guy’s mind and spirit must be teflon.