Jason Jordan undergoes neck operation

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/02/06/jason-jordan-undergoes-neck-operation/

The WWE announced on Tuesday that Jason Jordan (Nathan Everhart) underwent a minimally invasive procedure earlier in the morning to address an existing neck injury.

The WWE’s story stated the procedure was a minimally invasive posterior cervical microdiscectomy that was done to decompress the nerve that has been affected in the neck, allowing it to heal.

They are not listing a timetable for his return.

His legitimate injury was woven into the ongoing storyline involving Seth Rollins with Jordan’s inability to compete in Monday’s tag title match on Raw due to the injury. Jordan was later sent home by Kurt Angle until he is medically cleared to return.

Didnt his wife say that it was only a minor injury and he wasn’t going to need surgery? Somebody was lying!!!

Maybe he’s next surgery can be for that spine he desperately needs.

Maybe she thought that was the case and it turned out not to be? John said on the latest Rewind-a-SmackDown that she posted that comment a few hours before the WWE story about his surgery was released. Perhaps she was under the impression surgery wouldn’t be required but then they were advised that surgery would be required and they were fit into the earliest slot in the schedule? It’s not unheard of.

…or she could just have worded it incorrectly and what she meant was that it’s only a minor issue and he won’t be out too long so people don’t need to panic about it.

And just when his character arc was just hitting it’s stride.

Too bad, dislike the storyline he was given if you want, I sure do but he’s a hard working kid that’s rock solid in the ring and injuries always suck… but especially during Mania season. Ambrose, Joe, now Jordan. Might be time, to shorten those matches every week and lighten up in the week. The New Japan style works for them because they’re not working the grind every week.

The worst part of this situation are the subset of fans who are actually happy he is out hurt. Imagine.

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