Jaxson Ryker licking boots so hard he has got cherry blossom poisoning

Jaxson Ryker (@JaxsonRykerWWE) Tweeted:
Thankful for the @POTUS we have! God bless America. Built of freedom. Forgotten No More https://twitter.com/JaxsonRykerWWE/status/1267605081635110917?s=20

Kevin Owens shit all over him as did some of his other colleagues.


si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses

He’s clearly made his thoughts & opinions clear.

Now everyone gets to make their’s. Fuck him.


Ryker is a loser and a complete moron. Does he not realize who he works with? The guy has zero talent, should be released

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At the very least, he’s just a complete moron that doesn’t understand what’s going on. I can’t say I want that I canceled, perhaps somebody can sit him down. That or maybe he really is just a piece of garbage. His ignorance is astounding.Certainly living the gimmick.

Is he living the gimmick though,I thought the forgotten sons were ex military types that their country abandoned,actually fuck it why am I bothering talking about JOB squad 2020

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Yeah. He works for WWE. Where Trump is in their Hall of Fame. And the CEO’s wife was on his cabinet.

Ryker is probably not the only one who is very pro-trump/anti protest in the company. He may be the only one willing to say something on Twitter though.

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Yeah we all know his bosses are corrupt, but he has to rely on others to make him look good in the ring. Good luck with that

But is he as big of a loser as your personal fave to pick on…Zack Ryder?

He’s probably trying to get over his heel gimmick. Just stupid

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He probably is a Trump supporter. That doesn’t mean he supports police brutality. It just means he’s generally quite stupid.

He’s definitely stupid for a number of reasons, but seems like he chose a certain time to post that.

Even better, how about Jackson tells me specifically what Trump is doing that is so great? Let’s hear the specifics. Dumb fuck.


Maybe Ryker didn’t get the memo that Trump didn’t meant the Forgotten Sons when he said he’ll call the army in…

People now shitting on TJP for his post which is ridiculous. He didn’t say much wrong.

Must not be much of a big deal yet bc a quick search turned up nothing

Jericho getting off light for his All Lives Matter post (or I’m just not looking hard enough) in the same week Tony Khan is “banning” people from AEW.

I think Jericho has come out against racism and the rioting - not saying statements supporting comments such as looting starts and shooting starts

I agree. It’s my mistake for not clarifying that I don’t think what Jericho said is on par with what Linda Hogan said. But in a week where Tony Khan is calling people out - and in a week where people have lost their jobs for saying All Lives Matter - Jericho seems to have skated by because he’s generally seen as a cool and likable guy.

Months ago in another thread i semi-jokingly said Jericho will have a Holocaust denier on his podcast by the end of the year. This is why.

I don’t know if he’s just not very clever, has bad advisors around him, is too concerned about just making money or he involves himself with so many different projects he’s not able to keep up with society and modern culture to maneuver around serious issues well. Whatever the case, he’s shown time and again that he doesn’t really get it.