Jazz working as head of NWA women's division

Originally published at Jazz working as head of NWA women's division

Jazz is heading up NWA’s women’s division. 

The newest signee to the National Wrestling Alliance is Tiffany Nieves and she guest appeared on The A2theK Wrestling Show

As the conversation was ongoing, Nieves was asked about her experiences at NWA and OVW respectively. Along the way, she shared that former NWA World Women’s and WWE Women’s Champion Jazz is the head of the organization’s women’s division. 

I think it’s obvious, TV time. I love when the company posts a promo of me and they highlight me and I’m the center of attention, La Princesa, me. I have to shout out Jazz. I think she’s phenomenal. She is the head of the women’s division at NWA and she loves herself some me. So, that’s a really great part of NWA for me.

Speaking of Ohio Valley Wrestling, Mickie James joined the promotion as a Creative Director, Head of Female Talent and Executive Producer. 

Nieves mentioned that when Mickie was in OVW, there was not a Women’s Title to fight for. Nieves added that if she cannot get the championship back, she wants Mickie to win it.

It’s so exciting to have some returning (alumni) just wanna be a part of OVW because of this Netflix docuseries and it’s actually a full circle because when Mickie James was there, a women’s championship title didn’t even exist and now it does. I almost wanna see her get it. She is one of the best in the business, especially that have come from OVW. I wanna see her get it. If there’s anyone I would let OVW have the title before me is Mickie James but other than that, it should go right back to me.

NWA is going to begin rolling out new Powerrr episodes on The CW App on February 6th. Nieves will be featured on the show as she’ll be challenging Kenzie Paige for the World Women’s Championship. 

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