JBL on Fox Business

When JBL said that they are going to Saudi to help create change. Oh man, that stings. I get that he was given a line to say, and that’s all it was, but I can’t help thinking about “operation Iraqi freedom” and bringing “democracy to Iraq.”

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So cringe inducing. He’s always said he’s socially liberal but fiscally conservative, clearly his fiscal side is more important than his social one.

I feel that this is how he really feel about this and it wasn’t something he was feed by the wwe. The fact is, there a good portion of the u.s that feel the way he does and that the death of one journalist for what ever reason won’t change their mind.

I remember when the Paris newspaper hello Charlie got attack by terrorist and innocent journalist we’re injured and killed, a lot of people around the world we’re outrage for a few weeks and then everything went back to normal. This will be the same thing. Violence and terrorism will always exist no matter how much we get outrage by the situation. That’s human nature, we get outrage about a situation, thing we are taking a moral ground because we use social media to express are outrage and then we move on to the next thing.

The truth is, we really only doing that to make yourself feel better about a situation that we feel uncomfortable about.

JBL just said what was on his mind and unlike other American and peoples around the world that might think the same way and he had a Tribune to say it. So good for him for speaking up and giving is opinion on a touchy subject like this one.

I actually think he did a great job and was very articulate considering that he and everyone else knows what he is saying is complete BS. I applaud him for trying to save face for a company that has done so much for him.

Fair point. But there’s obviously a disconnect in which the US government (and I know Canada has done this too) gave the Saudis 100m worth of weapons to starve Yemen into annihilation. That’s beside the point of the Prince ordering the journalist to be chopped into pieces.

Not sure how justifying an attack and occupation of Iraq is the same as justifying taking Saudi Arabia’s money.

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