JCW Jersey J-Cup Night 1 Results: Great Sasuke vs. Speedball

Originally published at JCW Jersey J-Cup Night 1 Results: Great Sasuke vs. Speedball

JCW: Jersey J-Cup Night 1

White Eagle Hall 

Jersey City, New Jersey

Wrestling needs more brackets. 

First-Round Match: Nick Wayne vs. Marcus Mathers

Wayne took Mathers off his feet with a cutter, an uppercut, and a series of chops in the corner. Mathers fired up and hit Wayne with head scissors followed by a dropkick that sent Wayne to the floor. Mathers then connected with a big tope that wiped the AEW star out on the floor. Wayne was brought up onto the stage where Mathers continued to chop him and attempted a Bogo Buster, but Wayne blocked it and hit Mathers with a boot to the gut followed by a DDT on the stage. Wayne brought Mathers back into the ring and beat him down in the corner with a couple of boots and a hesitation dropkick for a close near fall. Mathers hit Wayne with repeated chops and a spin kick, followed by a second rope stunner into a German suplex. He then landed a big crossbody on Wayne, but it still wasn’t enough to put Nick Wayne away. Mathers went for another stunner, but Wayne caught him with a shot to his kidneys, grounding Mathers. Wayne attempted a full nelson, but Mathers was able to briefly escape, only to be caught with a head kick into a back handspring cutter into a Fisherman’s Suplex for another near fall. Mathers fired up and dropped Wayne on his neck with a deadeye, but Wayne was again able to kick out at the last second. Wayne leveled Mathers with a stiff forearm shot to the ear and then hit him with a crucifix bomb. Wayne went for Wayne’s World, but Mathers moved out of the way and hit the Bogo Buster, yet Nick Wayne somehow managed to kick out. Wayne attempted Wayne’s World on the apron but executed a Code Red off-the-top rope instead for a close near fall. Finally, Wayne executed Wayne’s World to secure the victory.

Nick Wayne Advances to the Second Round

First-Round Match: Tony Deppen vs. Matt Makowski

Tony went after Matt’s previously injured knee, but Matt was able to avoid any contact and threw some kicks at Deppen for good measure before they wrestled to a stalemate. Matt started to work on Deppen’s arm in an attempt to break him down for his cross-arm breaker. Tony was set up on Matt’s shoulders but managed to escape after thumbing his eye and then hitting him with a big tope that wiped out both men. Deppen hit Matt with a top rope dropkick, but it still wasn’t enough to put Matt away. Deppen started to tie up Matt’s arms and legs in the center of the ring. However, Deppen broke the hold, and Matt retreated to the corner to recover. Tony landed a hard kick to Matt’s back followed by a running dropkick to his shoulder. This gave Deppen the opening to target Matt’s injured knee with a series of kicks and strikes. Matt fired back with a brutal overhand chop and a double knee to Tony’s back. Matt fired up with a flurry of kicks to Deppen followed by a butterfly suplex into a spear, but Deppen still managed to kick out. Deppen stomped on Matt’s fingers and landed a superkick, but Makowski fired up with a release German Suplex. Deppen responded with one of his own, and then they both threw jumping knees at each other, sending both men crumpling to the mat. The two traded forearms and slaps in the center of the ring. Deppen was launched into the corner and placed on the top rope by Makowski. Deppen bit Makowski and hit him with two top-rope double stomps, but Makowski still managed to kick out. Deppen searched for what was next and threw a kick followed by repeated shots to the midsection. Makowski got Deppen up on his shoulders and hit him with a cross-arm breaker. Deppen was briefly able to get out of it but was quickly locked in a sleeper, which he managed to escape, only to eat a big lariat in the corner. Deppen was placed on the top rope, and Makowski hit Deppen with the flying cross-arm breaker for the victory.

Matt Makowski advances to Round 2

First-Round Match: Man Like DReiss vs. Masha Slamovich 

The two stood face to face in the center of the ring and started to engage in chain wrestling. DeReiss used his strength advantage to back Masha up into the ropes. Masha managed to work her way out of a wrist lock with some impressive counters. They circled each other once again and locked back up, with DeReiss again backing Masha up into the corner. Tempers started to flare as the match picked up in intensity. DeReiss kept using his strength to repeatedly take Masha down with a series of shoulder tackles and a spinning back elbow for a close near fall. DeReiss grounded Masha with a submission hold, and though Masha kept trying to break out of it, DeReiss was too powerful and kept the move synched in. Masha eventually hits a chin breaker, which creates some separation between herself and DeReiss. She then ran wild with a series of running boots and a spinning wheel kick, but DeReiss was able to kick out. DeReiss ate a kick to the head but caught Masha out of mid-air and hit her with a Deadlift German followed by a Blue Thunder bomb for another two count. DeReiss climbed to the top rope and went for a 450, but Masha moved out of the way and hit him with a boot and an elbow followed by a spin kick. However, DeReiss still managed to kick out at the last second. Masha locked DeReiss in a sleeper hold, but he was able to get out of it and hit her with a rebound stunner, yet Masha still managed to kick out at the last second. Masha countered a powerbomb into a rana followed by a big double stomp into the sleeper hold. DeReiss got back up to his feet and drove Masha throat-first into the bottom rope. Masha’s throat was again dropped on the top rope. DeReiss went for a springboard, but he slipped off the ropes, yet still managed to land a superkick for a near fall. DeReiss went back up to the top rope where he again went for a 450, but Masha moved out of the way and hit him with a Shining Wizard followed by a driver. DeReiss kicked out, only to be locked back in the sleeper hold, where Masha choked him out.

Masha Slamovich advances to Round 2

First-Round Match: Joey Janela vs. Kerry Morton 

They locked up, Morton grabbed a hold and took Joey off his feet with a shoulder tackle. He continued by wearing him down with a gator roll followed by another hip toss, which once again took Joey off his feet. Joey retaliated by chopping Morton across the chest and then taking him down with a shoulder tackle into a hip toss. Morton was knocked to the floor after an elbow to his head. Kerry regrouped on the floor and asked for a timeout. Joey followed him out to the floor where he chased Kerry around ringside. Janela was dropped on the back of his head on the top turnbuckle, which gave Morton the opening to work over Joey’s back and legs. Kerry executed a beautiful slingshot suplex and kneeled on Joey’s throat as he went for the pin. Morton continued to work over Joey’s back with repeated splashes and started to choke him out. Joey managed to get back up to his feet where he hit Morton with a big neckbreaker followed by a series of chops in the corner into a big back body drop. Joey dumped Morton on the back of his head with a German Suplex and then delivered a DDT for good measure. The two men battled on the apron, with Morton placed on Joey’s shoulders, but he got out of it and slammed him on the apron with the Showstopper. Morton rolled Joey back inside, but Joey was able to kick out. Morton went to the top rope, but Joey cut him off with a series of chops and a superplex. They started trading punches and lariats in the center of the ring. Joey took Morton off his feet with a big lariat. Joey went for a brainbuster, but both men toppled to the floor. Joey landed a superkick and rolled Morton back into the ring for another two count. Joey was hit with a piledriver, but he popped right back up and unloaded with right hands followed by a package piledriver for the victory.

Joey Janela advances to Round 2

First-Round Match: Jonathan Gresham vs. Alec Price

Gresham locked in a headlock and started to ragdoll Price around the ring. However, Price was able to break free and connected with a second rope crossbody. Gresham escaped from Price’s hold and began to work on Price’s body with strikes and kicks. He then started wrenching away at Price’s arm and took him down with repeated arm drags. Price created some separation again and sent Gresham to the floor for a moment of reprieve. Upon Gresham’s return to the ring, he once again locked in an arm wringer. Price managed to escape a half-and-half suplex attempt and dumped Gresham on the back of his head for good measure. Price rushed into the corner, but Gresham got his boot up and kicked him in the back. He then trapped both of Price’s arms and tied him up for a pinning maneuver, but Price was able to kick out at the last second. Gresham stalked a downed Price, contemplating his next move. Price found himself on the receiving end of some brutal knife-edge chops. He fired up and connected with a flurry of offense, thrusting himself out of the ring onto Gresham and landing a big cutter for a close near fall. Price then called for the surprise kick, but Gresham ducked it and took Price over with a Frankensteiner followed by a leg lace pinning move. However, Price managed to get his shoulder up at the last second. Gresham began targeting Price’s arm with various kicks and submissions. He went for a leverage pin, but Price shifted his weight and managed to pin Gresham to advance to the second round.

Alec Price advances to the Second Round 

Six-Way Scramble Match: Myron Reed vs. Cole Radrick vs. Billie Starkz vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. Charles Mason vs. Mr. Danger

Mason attacked Billie Starkz, but then everyone in the match targeted Mason, leaving Danger and Cartwheel alone in the ring. Cartwheel planted Mr. Danger with a Cartwheel DVD, while Radrick returned to the ring and took Jack out with a powerbomb. Reed entered the match and kicked Radrick in the head. He rushed in, but Cole moved out of the way, only to be caught up in the ropes and hit with a leg lariat. Starkz returned to the ring and booted Reed in the face a couple of times before hitting him with a Beautiful Poisonrana. It’s only a matter of time before we’re talking about Billie Starkz as the best wrestler in the world.

Danger hit a dive to the floor, followed by Cartwheel hitting one of his own, as did Cole, Myron, Cartwheel, Starkz, Radrick again, and Reed again. Billie went for another dive, but Mason cut her off by spitting in her face and driving her headfirst into the apron with a DDT.

Mason and Cartwheel traded strikes in the center of the ring. Mason responded with a Gord Buster into a series of chops for good measure. Reed leveled Cole with a superkick and attempted to connect with one to Billie, but Billie responded with kicks of her own, only to be taken out by Mr. Danger’s leaping springboard clothesline.

Mason connected with a huge lariat to Mr. Danger, but somehow Mr. Danger was able to kick out at the last second. Radrick returned to the ring, and Mason fish-hooked his face as Starkz tried to recover in the corner. Cole bit Mason’s fingers and connected with a springboard stunner. Cartwheel swept Cole’s legs and delivered an elbow to his gut followed by a Cartwheel DVD.

Mason fired up with a shotgun dropkick followed by a Death Valley Driver. He went for the pin, but Billie broke it up with a Swanton bomb. Billie was slapped across the face by Mason and retaliated by kicking him in the groin. She then placed Cole up on her shoulders and hit her finisher, but Mr. Danger broke up the pin attempt. Mr. Danger cleared the ring and executed a springboard phoenix splash to the floor. He hit Reed with a crossbody, but Reed kicked out at the last second. Reed then hit Mr. Danger with an Air Raid Crash for the victory.

Myron Reed Advances to the Second Round. 

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Violence is Forever (Champions) vs. Astronauts (Fuminori Abe and Takuya Nomura)

Dom and Nomura started the match with some chain wrestling, but neither man could gain the advantage. Nomura slapped Dom across the face and made the tag to his partner. Dom reciprocated. Abe and Ku began with a stiff lock-up followed by impressive chain wrestling. Abe slapped Ku across the face, and Ku responded with chops of his own. They exchanged chops in the center of the ring, and Ku grabbed a headlock, but Nomura returned to the ring to cut off his momentum with a boot. Nomura went to work on Ku with a series of kicks to his back. Ku popped back up and hit Abe with a series of kicks. Dom entered the match and did the same. All four men brawled in the ring and onto the floor. Ku and Abe paired off as Nomura and Dom traded kicks to each other’s backs. Ku and Dom hit a collider on the Astronauts and rolled Nomura back into the ring, where Ku continued to beat him down with chops and strikes. Ku started stretching Nomura, but he managed to reach the ropes. Dom was tagged in and stomped away on Nomura’s upper body. They reached a standing position and traded chops. Dom snap-mared Nomura down and hit him with a stiff kick across his chest. Ku hit Nomura with a Dragon Screw, then followed up with a double stomp to his back for a close near fall. Dom connected with a series of heavy kicks to Nomura and strung him up on the top rope so Ku could come off the top with a knee lift for a close near fall. Nomura fired up and slapped Ku across the face, dropping him and attacking his back with a series of kicks. Abe tagged himself back into the match and ran wild on Ku and Dom with more kicks and strikes. Ku was nailed with a penalty kick to his back for a close near fall. Abe slapped Ku across the face, but Ku responded with some leaping kicks followed by a back suplex. Dom reentered the match and unloaded on Abe with stiff kicks but was quickly taken down to the mat with a Dragon Screw, giving Nomura the opening to connect with a flurry of strikes in the corner. The fight returned to the center of the ring, where the two men traded blows. Dom was grounded and locked in a submission hold by Nomura as Abe did the same thing to Ku on the opposite side of the ring. Ku managed to break free and hit Nomura with a running knee but was taken out with a desperation lariat from Nomura. All four men collapsed on the mat and regrouped, trading forearm shots back and forth. Dom hit both members of the Astronauts with a suplex, followed by a lariat from Ku. They set Nomura up for the high-low, but Nomura kicked out at the last second. Ku and Nomura got back up to their feet. Abe leveled Ku with a dropkick and attempted a lariat, but Ku blocked it and hit one of his own. Ku was locked in a submission hold, but Dom returned to the ring to help his partner. Dom and Nomura fought on the apron, where Dom hit him with a piledriver. Ku and Abe were left in the ring. Ku connected with some kicks to Abe, who got back up to his feet and challenged Ku for more. They traded big shots and kicks. Ku was again locked in a submission hold, and Dom broke it up with a big headbutt, giving Ku the opening to pin Abe to retain the tag team championships.

Violence is Forever Defeated the Astronauts to retain the GCW World Tag Team Championships

JCW World Championship Match: Jordan Oliver (Champion) vs. Griffin McCoy

This was a bitter match between former friends and tag team partners turned enemies. Griffin had been mocking and jumping Oliver from behind for months, and now they finally had the chance to face off. They started with a flurry of strikes to each other’s chests, each connecting with big boots. Oliver landed a big chop, but McCoy was able to hit one of his own. McCoy attempted a powerbomb, but Oliver rana’d out of it and connected with a big dropkick. They battled on the apron, each trying to take the other over. McCoy side-stepped and connected with a series of brutal kicks to Oliver’s chest. Oliver retaliated with back elbows and went for a cutter, but McCoy blocked it and strung up Oliver on the top rope, hitting him with another neckbreaker that sent Oliver crashing to the floor.

Oliver was rolled back into the ring, where McCoy started to stretch the champion and hit him with a gut buster followed by another neckbreaker. McCoy kicked Oliver in the chest, and Oliver was grounded, hit with a hesitation dropkick followed by a powerbomb for a two count. Oliver responded with a Cloutcutter after McCoy attempted a cutter of his own. Oliver sent McCoy to the floor and wiped him out with a big crossbody. Oliver laid into McCoy with a series of punches and threw him into the second row of chairs. McCoy got back up to the apron and was nailed with a superkick into a cutter for another close near fall.

Oliver connected with a big boot followed by an attempt at an Acid Bomb, but McCoy fought out of it at the last second. Oliver connected with some heavy chops and again went for the Acid Bomb, but McCoy raked his eyes and hit him with a spin kick to Oliver’s head. McCoy hit Oliver with a Blue Thunder Bomb, but it still wasn’t enough to put away the JCW World Champion. McCoy went to the top rope but was knocked off by Oliver, who connected with a boot. The two men battled on the top with Oliver getting caught in the torture rack Blue Thunder Bomb from the top rope, yet Oliver still kicked out.

McCoy went under the ring and grabbed a steel chair. Oliver was able to wrestle it away from McCoy and stomped on his fingers. Oliver gave the ref the steel chair but was hit with a low blow from McCoy, yet still managed to kick out. McCoy folded Oliver in half with a half-and-half suplex, attempting another one, but Oliver managed to get to the ropes, yet still turned inside out with a half-and-half suplex. McCoy went for a third one, but Oliver muscled his way out of it, and they started punching away at each other. McCoy ducked a boot but was caught with a low blow from Oliver for the victory.

Jordan Oliver retained the JCW World Championship and advanced to the Second Round

First Round Match: The Great Sasuke vs. Mike Bailey 

The match began with a lock-up, and Bailey backed Sasuke up onto the ropes, allowing for a clean break. They locked up again, and Bailey once again gained control by taking Sasuke down with a leg submission and tying him up on the ground. Bailey had a headlock synched in, but Sasuke was able to break out of it using his veteran prowess. They reset and locked back up again. This time, Sasuke gained control by taking out Bailey’s arm, backing him up into the ropes, and making a clean break as they once again reset. Bailey took Sasuke off his feet with a shoulder tackle, but Sasuke nipped up into a seated position, throwing Bailey off. Bailey kicked him in the head, and Sasuke nipped up again. This went on for a couple of minutes. Sasuke grounded Bailey with a leg whip and then started to stretch him. Sasuke side-stepped a moonsault but was caught with the speedball kicks and went for a dive to the floor, but Sasuke moved out of the way and started to lay in chops on Bailey.

They engaged in some shenanigans at the bar, with smoke and mirrors. Bailey hit a triangle moonsault to the floor, followed by a top rope dropkick. Bailey locked in a single-leg crab, but Sasuke made it to the ropes. Bailey kneed Sasuke repeatedly in the stomach and hit him with a second rope frog splash followed by an Umaga Splash for another close near fall. Sasuke did the nip-up again, which freaked Bailey out for some reason while he was on the top rope. Bailey was dragged off the top, and Sasuke slowly attempted something interesting but failed to do so. Bailey landed some kicks but was caught with a piledriver, yet he still kicked out. Bailey hit a standing moonsault, but Sasuke managed to get his shoulder up at the last second. He went to the top rope, and Sasuke met him up there, taking him back into the ring with a superplex. They battled on the apron, with Sasuke going for a suplex, but Bailey picked his leg and went for the moonsault double knee, yet Sasuke moved out of the way. Sasuke went to the top rope and attempted a dive on the apron, but Bailey moved out of the way.

They weakly battled with chairs, and Bailey ran into the crowd and hit a moonsault, they are just doing moves for the sake of doing moves, with no thought, meaning, or story, it’s a tough watch. 

Bailey rolled Sasuke back into the ring, swung wildly with a chair, missed, and ended up eating the chair shot himself. Sasuke then set Bailey up in the chair, went to the top rope, and attempted a Swanton through the chair, but Bailey managed to move out of the way just in time. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Bailey executed a falcon arrow followed by a shooting star press, but Sasuke still managed to get his shoulder up.

Bailey followed up with his signature moonsault double knee, and then attempted a chair-assisted superkick, albeit poorly executed. Seizing the chance, Sasuke rolled Bailey up in a small package to put an end to the match and relieve us from our misery.

Great Sasuke advances to the Second Round.