Jeff Hardy arrested for public intoxication and impairment

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TMZ is reporting that WWE performer Jeff Hardy was arrested on Saturday for public intoxication and impairment in South Carolina.

Hardy was arrested by the Myrtle Beach Police Department and later released on a bond that they described as ‘less than $200’.

TMZ didn’t have any further details concerning what led to the arrest on Saturday.

Hardy underwent surgery on his right knee this past May and has been out of action since the procedure.

POST Wrestling has reached out to the Myrtle Beach Police Department for further details and will report any additional news.

Who hasn’t gotten arrested for being drunk at Myrtle Beach? I got perp walked in handcuffs down Ocean Blvd and spent a couple of hours in the drunk tank. It’s no big deal.

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Was slightly worried when I saw him trending, thankfully he’s not dead.

So is this a drunk and disorderly situation or a drink driving situation?

I don’t think it was a drunk driving situation. At least there have been no reported details saying it was. Still, not a good situation. With Jeff Hardy’s history of addiction, I doubt this is a one-off type situation and wouldn’t be shocked if he is drinking on the regular.

I’m surprised how hands-off WWE has been with recent intoxication incidents. If this would have happened in the months following the Benoit tragedy, I feel like these guys would have gotten sent to rehab or released.

There was no vehicle involved.

This doesn’t have to be a serious infraction to be Uber embarassimg for WWE and Jeff. Well scratch Jeff, as he likely doesn’t care and is past the point of embarrassments but for WWE who ran a real personal documentary on Jeff and has mocked his drinking and issues in programs as recent as last year, just a bad taste in the mouth for their involvement with him.