Jeff Jarrett is in the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame

Confirmed on WWE.Com

I’ll say my mind is a bit blown. Really one that I thought would NEVER happen based on the well known history and animosity between Jarrett and Vince. Still, congrats to JE Double F J A Double R Eeeeee Double T.

Bout time this class inducted a member that shook it up a bit. Always hope for Scott Steiner.

Honestly this shocked me. Jarrett is my guilty pleasure and I personally feel he’s more than deserving to go in but thought he would never after the way he left and being responsible for TNA. Regardless, kudos good sir. May you strut straight into the Hall of Fame.

If Russo doesn’t do the induction speech this is meaningless since he’s the only guy who pushed him.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Vince actually respects him for having the balls to not only hold him up and also to start up a rival promotion.

In the right capacity, I think that Jeff Jarrett would make an excellent addition somewhere in The WWE.

Maybe they want the Jarretts library from CWA, USWA and Memphis,

The WWE did an entire documentary making fun of the Ultimate Warrior and had Linda induct him. It really doesn’t matter

This is honestly the first time I’ve been shocked by WWE in a long time. I can’t believe they’re willing to bring Jarrett back into the fold. It would have seemed impossible a couple of years ago.

I thought that Alundra Blayze/Madusa was a shocker, but this caught me waay, way off guard. Congratulations to Jeff Jarrett.

I thought they would have gone on the Global Force Wrestling Network, or did that not happen then Jeff left GFW?

I never thought this would happen but I guess Vince has gotten over Jarrett holding him hostage over his expired contact back in 1999. I guess you can say that Jeff Jarrett is double F, double O, double R, double G, double I, double V, double E, double N.

My initial feeling is that this induction will be a public service announcement for the WWE’s commitment to the well-being of its current and former talent. He’ll get up there and tell a great story about WWE sending him to rehab even though he was one of the primary forces behind the competition, and now his life is back on track thanks to the WWE.

Kudos to Jeff on the induction and even more kudos for him for getting clean, but that’s just the way my mind works after years of working in public relations.

That was one of my first thoughts as well, given JJ’s recent issues and the rehab being facilitated by WWE, that this is a good PR move for the company, and who knows, maybe Jarrett and some higher ups actually were able to make peace during his recovery process. No matter what, a deserving entrant.

I’m glad Vince’s grudge from '99 has subsided. It’s weird seeing a Jarrett retrospective without any TNA footage, but I understand why it’s not there. I guess it means his rehab is going well. I was always a fan of his, Slap Nuts!

The sudden Elias push to the main event now makes complete sense to me, it’s the ultimate tribute to Double J!

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