Jeremy Borash,WWE bound

Good for him,seems like a decent fella.

Didn’t see that one coming, thought he was a TNA/Impact lifer. Good for him, hope he gets everything he wants out of this new opportunity.

Just picked up a guy who could come close to McMahon level of hard work.

Good for him.

Legitimately shocked and surprised in the best ways possible that he made the jump. Very interested in what his role would be, whether it’s on or off TV.

I always liked Jeremy Borash when he wasn’t involved in terrible on screen angles and feuds. He was a good on commentary and as an interviewer but shouldn’t be let anywhere near a ring.

But he also seemed like a guy who did a lot in the background of TNA with no money and no help. He may not have the same creative independence in WWE but with a budget and the infrastructure in place he can hopefully push the teams behind the scenes to be more creative.

Wasn’t he supposed to be the host of the “New LAW”?
Also, didn’t he do a lot of work with Matt Hardy on all the Broken stuff? maybe he can help bring the Woken stuff up a level or two.

Yes on the first point, which is why this is especially surprising to me, and on the second point, which would be WONDERFUL!

Kinda surprised to hear this because i thought he was a lifer at Impact. Happy to hear he left that horrible company since he is a valuable asset wherever he works.

Okay, I give him a year at WWE before he leaves.