Jericho mentioning Wai

Man. Wai’s phone must be blowing up. Love it.


I think we all heard that part of Review A Dynamite when Wai said it, Wai isn’t wrong he was the slowest guy in a ring with 2 guys in their 20s and Dustin. Wai did post a funny response


Well, Wai definitely wasn’t wrong. I wonder if he’s a devoted fan of Post Wrestling or if one of the “you can never say anything bad about AEW regardless of how small” types that heard it and ran to Jericho with the news.

Meltzer probably told him.

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Thing with Jericho is you can’t always tell if he’s shooting or living the gimmick. I’m sure he’s very much aware of his limitations these days. Hence why in the last 2 years he has wrestled sparingly against opponents almost guaranteed to get a 4+ star match out of him. His schtick right now is playing the underappreciated vet and this would play right along with that. Wai’s response was spot-on either way, tongue-in-cheek indirect acknowledgement!


If anyone remotely thinks Jericho isn’t working everyone all the time then I don’t know what. He’s a master of the craft.


Meltzer has biased ratings. He always defends himself but the Paige vs Jericho match was not 4 stars by any stretch. Same with Jericho vs Okada.

Meltzer also didn’t give Cena vs AJ from RR or UT vs Shawn WM 25 or Angle vs Shawn WM 5 stars.

Yet he gives last years G1 match between Omega vs Goto 5 stars - a match even WH Park called him out for ranking 5 stars and that John said wasn’t that level either if you listen to the review.


I like both Jericho and Wai a lot. However, I’m not so sure Jericho is working. He takes me as someone who has a lot of pride in his work and someone who might legit get offended if someone criticizes his work. He did something similar online when the IWC trashed his KOTR '02 match against RVD. They referenced it on the Rewind-A-Wai for that show a few months back if I remember correctly.

I leave the POST Wrestling Cafe for 24-hours and Wai gets added to the list?


Of course they’re biased. They are his OPINION. There isn’t some analytical methodology to ensure a consistent scoring system. It’s not awarded like he’s awarding Olympic points where 1 star is selling, 1 star is athleticism, 1 star is audience engagement, etc.

The nice thing about the star system is just that he’s been doing it so long that he has created an archive of the best matches over the last 40 years.

But it’s okay if your opinion of a match differs from his opinion. You should appreciate that more than anyone because the opinions you post on this board are ridiculous.


He just moved up 2 rungs!

No limits,ever
How dare you sir

It would be fine if He admitted that. The man spends all day defending himself on twitter claiming he’s unbiased

He does 100% admit that they are his opinions. That anything above four stars is a great match. And it’s ridiculous to argue about 1/4 star ratings. If someone thought something was a five star match he’s fine with it.

The “bias” argument he is constantly having to fight is against people saying he heavily favors one promotion over another. He wants them all to succeed. But when WWE has been shit, how is he supposed to rate something five stars? He doesn’t purposefully ignore great matches or overrate matches because of the promotion they happen in. At least not in my view he doesn’t.

I think he tends to over rate omega matches and NJPW in general. Giving Michaels vs UT less than 5 stars is insane

Well, if you actually sit and WATCH pretty much any NJPW match and than sit and watch any WWE match, the WWE looks like that kindergarten show. He always points how bad of idea is to do this, but with his schedule sometimes he has to.

I’ve made the same mistake too and can tell - it is painful to watch. Especially the last few years.

I can’t also understand why he did not gave Shawn and Taker *****, even though I’ve heard him explaining it at lest couple of times during the last year only, but as he states every time - this is his opinion.

What also am pretty sure about is that this Jericho tweet is all tongue and cheek, and he was more or less giving a shout out to all of the people he mentioned in it.

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I think what he loses sight of is it’s one thing to have a match captivate 1500 hardcore fans who will cheer anything. Take AEW - I like it but the crazy fans there will cheer we the people or act like Riho is an amazing wrestler.

It’s another to have a stadium of 60,000 fans living and dying by every move like UT and Shawn had.

Didn’t knew that Tokyo Dome holds NJPW shows in front of 1500 people…

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I mean Omega vs Goto last year G1

RIHO has a better foot stomp then Balor