Jerry Lawler files wrongful death suit against Hardeman County

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It was reported on Monday that Jerry Lawler has launched a wrongful death lawsuit against Hardeman County over the death of his son Brian last year. The suit also lists John Doolen, Leonard Brown, Ellen Futrell, William Gonzalez, and Judy Wiggins as defendants.

Brian Lawler was arrested on July 7, 2018, for DUI, evading police, and driving with a revoked license when he was taken into Hardeman County Jail.

Brian Lawler died later that month with the cause of death listed as a suicide after it was believed he hung himself while in jail at the age of 46.

During a press conference on Monday, the Lawler family went over the case stating that Brian had been placed in solitary confinement after being assaulted by another inmate. Jerry said he spoke with John Doolen, the Hardeman County Sheriff, who convinced Jerry to keep Brian in jail rather than post bond for his son and would assist in getting Brian assistance.

In the suit, they state that Brian was not evaluated for the potential of being a suicide risk and was left with shoelaces and bolts protruding from the walls. They noted Brian had past suicide attempts, prior drug, and alcohol abuse and had suffered a head injury with the other inmate. They added that Brian had informed the staff of two prior suicide attempts and dealing with depression and anxiety, but because the suicide attempts happened more than two years prior they put down “No” when asked if he had previously attempted to take his life.

They also have pointed out that surveillance equipment in the jail was not functioning when Brian died as well as not properly checking up on Brian or being equipped to handle a suicide attempt.

The Lawler family is suing the county for $3 million along with punitive damages.