Jerry Lawler on Stone Cole Steve Austin’s podcast

Anybody listen to this? Lawler really comes off as a jerk here in my opinion. Highlights include:

-Lawler admitting he’d never even met Dio Madden or Vic Joseph before going on air with them
-Lawler implying he was brought back because the WWE felt the “rookies” couldn’t handle it
-Lawler saying he’d never heard of any of the NXT wrestlers and had to ask Vic Joseph on air not to ask him anything about the NXT group
-Lawler admitting he doesn’t really like watching wrestling in his spare time
-Bragging about doing little or no research on his subject matter
-Continually throwing shade at the modern style of wrestling
-Exhibiting tone-deafness in that he seems to believe everyone thinks he does an amazing job

There’s more than this as well. The whole thing just came off terribly to me. He seems genuinely disinterested in and dismissive of everything he’s commentating on. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it certainly explains where all the comments about Alberto Carrillo looking like Justin Bieber come from.

I didn’t listen, but I can’t say I’m surprised! The guy seemed to stop giving a shit on commentary a long time ago, going all the way back to the mid-2000’s.

Maybe he’s bitter as he’s growing older which is natural for some people ?

I haven’t listened, but none of this seems all that surprising.

I was honestly over Lawler in 2001.

Why is this surprising?

What about Jerry Lawlers life has led you to believe he’s not a POS?

Shocker…a pro wrestler doesn’t like watching wrestling.

Almost like a porn star not liking porn.

At least the latter can fake some enthusiasm when they’re on camera.

Ya I don’t think I was necessarily surprised by any of what he said, more just like the ease and comfort with which he said everything. Specifically when he was basically bragging about putting in minimal effort for the matches he called… you would think that would be something he’d keep to himself.

Greatest workers never work hard.

JR is the same, just ask Matthew Jacob Friedman

I like porn and have been compared to a porn star.

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Brilliant, keep up the good work.

I don’t want your respect. I want you to honor your claim that you will go away. And stop trolling on every thread.

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I feel like I already knew this. Has this been brought up in past interviews?

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