Jerry Lawler on Stone Cole Steve Austin’s podcast

Take screenshots folks, cause there’s gonna be some post deleting tonight


I didn’t slut shame her. But what’s the point I’ve said that a bunch of times. And no I don’t care about you or your wife. I just wish you wouldn’t ruin threads by commenting on Torrie Wilson like a dumbass when you know it’s not her that got fired. Or at least pay the money and be a patreon if you insist on ruining threads and making them change the way the report news.

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Patreon, patreon, patreon that is your only reply. Ive been a patreon if you must know and will be again despite the spoilers. The Torrie wilson crap was a silly joke no harm done but you spit your crap all over this place causing more offence than good.
Reply with patreon blah, blah, blah.

Will smile for a photo if you say please x

“Look she can do what she wants. However when it’s known that you got pregnant at 18 you can see why she could be target of an ill advised joke?”

AP thats what you typed with your very own grubby judgemental fingers.

Yes. I’vE also said that while I don’t endorse any slut shaming I was pointing out (perhaps poorly in retrospect) why HHH May have made a joke that wasn’t funny about her as opposed to someone else

Maybe next time Hunter can pick on Ruby for having tattoos,or Dana for being blonde or how about the Bellas for being pregnant at the same time,and you can laugh and judge females from your lofted tower.

Why is this a surprise to anyone? lol

I totally agree. I mean anyone who has ever followed Lawler knows what type of person he is. Nothing surprising here

Who’s Stone Cole?


Leaving this here as a first (and final) warning, fellow POST-Marks…

Vigorous discussion, healthy debate, & even playful trash-talk is all well within the acceptable boundaries of this forum.

Silly insults & brazen disrespect for your fellow posters is not. Y’all tighten it up, or this thread will be shut down faster than WCW after they got bought out by Vince. Capice…or Capisce…Capeesh…I don’t know how to spell it, but do you understand?

Alright, now y’all get back to posting & I’ll get back to this episode of “The Flash”. Thank you for your time (and your cooperation). :100:


RobertX here.

It’s too bad. I actually enjoyed his heel commentary in the WWF in the early 90s. That stuff was magic, and I think he puts Bobby Heenan to shame and that is very hard to do.

I guess he deserves some leeway for being honest, not much though.

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I think we are just seeing that there is an old guard of wrestling personalities that liked their style of wrestling and don’t really like where things have changed. I think King, JR, Cornette all long for their glory days.


I think it’s natural for him to feel that way. A lot of the all timers are saying they don’t understand the 2020 style of wrestling in WWE. It’s like me (I’m 40) saying I don’t understand the music that teenagers are listening to (with the auto tune). It’s normal I think.

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It is normal, but not a good position for on air announcers to have on wrestling shows while commentating on the product.

Yes, obviously. It is not professional.

So many of the old school guys got into wrestling because it was a good way to make $. It wasn’t always their number one passion.

A lot more of the dudes today are super fans that got into the business.

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Yeah I have heard the current generation of wrestlers referred to as the fan era.

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I’d say after he left in 2000 even (or was it early 2001?)

Was wondering why this topic had so many posts…

But who actually brings their work home with them when they’ve been doing it for years?

You honestly think people in the wrestling business actually watch anything new? Hell half their references are based in the 80s.

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