Jerry Lawler talks 'ramen noodle moonsault' remark, doesn't view it as racist

Originally published at Jerry Lawler talks 'ramen noodle moonsault' remark, doesn't view it as racist

Jerry Lawler reflects on his comment about Akira Tozawa’s cannonball move.

Back in April of 2020 while WWE was taping their shows out of the Performance Center, Jerry Lawler joined the commentary team. There was a match ongoing between Akira Tozawa and Austin Theory and during the bout, Tozawa did a cannonball off the apron.

Lawler referred to the move as a ‘ramen noodle moonsault’ and the comment was met with immediate backlash. Lawler did address his comment on his podcast several weeks after the fact and he recently reflected on said comments during a virtual signing with K & S WrestleFest. Lawler questioned what was racist about what he said and claims that Akira Tozawa told him he did not view the comment as racist.

I gotta be careful though. This is so crazy. Just saying ‘Mr. Fuji’, if you’re trying to use a Japanese .

Lawler was replaced at the Raw commentary desk by Samoa Joe in late April of last year. The 10/11 edition of Raw was reviewed here on POST Wrestling and to catch up on the audio/video review, click here.

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People get whiny and sensitive about the smallest of things. Tozawa didn’t have a problem with it so why should we?

I mean firstly it’s racist, saying people are whiny or sensitive about someone being racist is ridiculous. Secondly, of course he’s going to say Tozawa is fine with it. And even if Tozawa was against it, we all know what the culture of that company is like when people “disrespect a legend”, no matter what the situation is.


If it wasn’t racially motivated, I would be curious to know why exactly he mentioned ramen noodles in his description of the move. It is one thing to say it wasn’t racist, but it’s another thing to provide a plausible explanation for WHY it wasn’t racist. Lacking an explanation, one can only assume he was being racist.


Leaving aside the “ramen noodle moonsault” itself, the fact that Lawler still doesn’t get why mocking someone’s accent is shitty speaks volumes as to how out of touch he is. Twenty years ago The Simpsons depicted Krusty doing a racist Asian impression to communicate how he was a relic from a bygone era, and Lawler is still evidently struggling to not do that shit.

…And then there’s his acknowledgement that actually knowing and caring about the depth and breadth of pro wrestling will always set you up for mockery in that company. But hey, why bother studying your own craft when you know that doing Mickey Rooney’s shtick from “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” will get a chortle from the boss?