Jerry Lawler Thinks AEW Is Just Trying To Sell Tickets & Pop A Crowd With Their Memphis Wrestling Segment

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All Elite Wrestling is gearing up to present the January 8th episode of AEW Dynamite from the Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi. One of several segments scheduled for the show is a tribute to the legends of Memphis Wrestling. Brian Christopher Lawler, Angelo Poffo, Randy Savage, Lance Russell, “Hot Stuff” Eddie & Tommy Gilbert, Austin Idol, Dave Brown, The Rock & Roll Express and “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant are going to be honored during the show. Also, Dave Brown will be doing commentary on AEW Dark alongside Excalibur.

Memphis’ own Jerry Lawler shared his thoughts about the segment during an interview with Cerrito Live. The WWE Hall Of Famer feels that a tribute to Memphis wrestling is the last thing on AEW officials’ minds and they just want to sell tickets and pop the crowd in attendance.

“Now you finally hit on it. They’re looking to sell some tickets and pop the crowd. I think a Tribute to Memphis wrestling is actually the last thing on their mind. They’re looking to sell some tickets and pop the crowd.”

While speaking with Commercial Appeal to promote the show, Matt Jackson said the idea to have a Tribute to Memphis Wrestling segment was Tony Khan’s and added that AEW would’ve loved to have Jerry Lawler come in but Lawler is a commentator on Monday Night RAW. Lawler’s son, the late Brian Christopher Lawler will be honored by his brother, Kevin Lawler who’ll be in attendance at the event.

Also slated for tonight’s Dynamite is Kris Statlander versus Riho for the AEW Women’s World Championship, Cody and Dustin Rhodes versus Pentagon Jr. and Fenix, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page versus Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) along with several other segments including Jon Moxley giving his answer to Chris Jericho about joining The Inner Circle.

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So basically do what every wrestling promotion ever should be aiming to do??

Sorry, they should be jobbing out every talent in their hometown, and not focus on winning over markets they run in, much like his home company.

Lawler sounds like such a dork with these comments.


What I hoped the first comment would be.

Lawler is so annoying - he could use so much of his natural charisma and knowledge of working a crowd to help build future generations of stars that could learn from someone so successful in the territories. Goes to show that the best wrestlers aren’t always the best teachers.

Also - what would he have called when they brought in Andy Kaufman besides bringing in a draw to boost attendance and pop a crowd? I’m so over this guy.

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Yeah… The Boogie Woogie Man will put asses in seats…


This too.

As much as I respect everybody they are honoring - it’s not like they are going to be selling a single extra ticket based on this segment.

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It is funny that he says that while working for a promotion who frequently parades out Legends to start a buzz. This is not an uncommon thing in Wrestling at all…

I did wonder how he felt about it, I knew that he and his son had a rocky relationship but I imagined he would be happy, and maybe he is but is saying what he is saying because it’s almost a sin to celebrate AEW within the WWE.

Didn’t work.