Jerry Lynn would love to have another match but his neck won't allow it

Originally published at Jerry Lynn would love to have another match but his neck won't allow it

Lynn recaps the damage that has been done to his body. 

For over 20 years, Jerry Lynn was an in-ring performer and he won multiple championships throughout his career such as the ROH World, NWA World Tag Team and TNA/IMPACT X Division Championships. 

Present day, Lynn is a producer for All Elite Wrestling and has been with the company since their launch in January 2019. It has been a decade since Lynn wrestled and he told K & S WrestleFest during a virtual signing that he’d love to get back in the ring but his neck won’t allow it.

He eventually found out he had stenosis and he could’ve been paralyzed at some point in his in-ring career but he did not get his neck checked as he was competing. Lynn is dealing with permanent nerve damage and the back of his tricep is atrophied because he never got it fixed. 

No (I could not have one more match). I would love to but, my neck won’t allow me. I found out probably the last three years I wrestled, I could’ve been paralyzed. Three of my discs were completely flat and I had stenosis all over different parts of my neck. One was central stenosis, right around the spinal cord and there was hardly any room for any spinal fluid to get through. 

It depends on the weather (how I feel when I get up in the morning). If it’s raining, I hurt all over. I got arthritis all over and I got, you know, because of my neck, I never wanted to know. I should’ve got it checked out because I think I started getting tingling down my arm in ‘98 and I never got it looked at and so these three fingers, this bottom of my hand are numb and sometimes tingling and the back of my tricep is — I tore it too and never got it fixed but it’s atrophied and so I got — the doctor said, ‘I can’t promise it’ll get better but we can stop it from getting worse’ so I just got permanent nerve damage because I was stupid and never didn’t wanna stop and get it looked at. 

Lynn appears on AEW programming in pull apart segments and he takes on the role of a judge when Pure Rules matches take place.

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