Jey Uso received message from JoJo Offerman after she saw WWE Backlash entrance, made her emotional

Originally published at Jey Uso received message from JoJo Offerman after she saw WWE Backlash entrance, made her emotional

Uso felt validated after getting the message. 

The crowd in attendance in Lyon, France for WWE Backlash started the trend to hold up on the lights on their cellphones during Jey Uso’s entrance. When the late Windham Rotunda a.k.a. Bray Wyatt would make his entrance, they visual of it was dubbed ‘fireflies.’ 

Jey told the Battleground Podcast about that crowd reception and said it was emotional seeing the audience hold up the fireflies. It made him think about Windham. He stated that it is probably his favorite experience ever in wrestling. 

He went on to reveal that he received a message from JoJo Offerman, former WWE ring announcer and the widow of Rotunda. It made her emotional to see the Backlash entrance and Jey hopes that remains a part of his entrance. 

Man, you know, the crazy part is it was so loud in there (at WWE Backlash), you can’t hear it, if that makes sense because, man, I had no idea they would do that, and as soon as I saw it, I thought it was like how we all thought about him (Windham Rotunda). It was emotional. I was so overwhelmed by it. If I could explain it uce, it looked like a wave of stars come falling on you. It looked like it was endless. It would never be replicated like that again, or I don’t think I’ll ever feel that kind of — I wrestled in front of some big crowds, but man, this Lyon, France was probably my favorite experience in wrestling ever. This is why we wrestle right here, for moments like this that just organically happen here and I was really happy. It was just with me, and I wanna call ‘em fireflies or whatever you wanna call ‘em because that’s what they are to me. So yeah, I was really happy that it just — they just did with me. 

I think the most I was validated was, I mean, his wife, JoJo (Offerman), Bray Wyatt’s wife had text me and just said how much she was emotional watching. She saw clips of it on YouTube and that let me know right there, alright, I’ma keep it. I hope it sticks with me. I never asked for it. They did it and I just wanna keep it with me now. 

Jey was unsuccessful in his attempt to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Backlash, but his next opportunity comes in the form of the King of the Ring tournament as he’ll meet GUNTHER in the semifinals.

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