Jim Cornette joins MLW's broadcast team

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/03/02/jim-cornette-joins-mlws-broadcast-team/

On Saturday’s MLW special from Chicago, Jim Cornette was introduced as the newest addition to their broadcast team and will be working for the group moving forward.

Cornette called Saturday’s Intimidation Games television taping alongside Rich Bocchini, which included a live special on beIN Sports.

We were told by the promotion that Cornette will work as a broadcaster and agent with MLW. He will be working both the April 4th and 5th events during WrestleMania week at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York.

I didn’t expect Cornette to mesh with a modern wrestling company again, but on the live Intimidation Games special last night, he came off extremely professional and brought a lot of energy along with sharing some information (history in Chicago, Low Ki’s prep for the title match and Tom Lawlor’s MMA history). He put over the wrestlers in the opener (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix vs. Laredo Kid & Taurus) very well.

Who keeps their job longer…Cornette or Prichard?

Tough call… Cornette seems to be more involved in the day-to-day operation, which you would think makes him less expendable than Bruce. But Cornette is also more likely to tell an executive to go kill himself with a “rusty fucking fishing knife.” So it could go either way.

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Prichard still has those live podcast commitments, including Starrcast, but I do worry about Cornette for the reasons mentioned above (and him flying off the rails isn’t always his fault).

I’d consider having an explosive rage fit when something isn’t done to their liking as his fault tbh.

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The only way Cornette is leaving this is if

A) Court Bauer treat him like dirt (which isn’t going to happen)

B) He gets tired of doing it

C) One of the wrestlers does some indy comedy spot and Court defend the guy

D) If Joey Ryan join the company

That’s the only reason i would see Cornette leave at this point. The guy really doesn’t need that job as he’s making a lot of money just on merchandise sell alone so he’s doing that more for the love of the sport then anything else and MLW seem to be one of the rare indy promotion that still treat the wrestling business in a serious matter and doesn’T really do the crappy indy comedy spots that cornette hates.

Or Teddy Hart does what Teddy Hart do.