Jim Cornette resigns from the NWA

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Following Tuesday’s edition of NWA Power, the company has announced that Jim Cornette has resigned from the group after a remark that made its way onto the program.

During Tuesday’s show, a comment was made by Cornette during a match involving Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch where Cornette stated:

Trevor Murdoch is mad, bad and dangerous to know. He’s the only man that I’ve ever known that can strap a bucket of fried chicken around his back and ride a motor scooter across Ethiopia. Trevor Murdoch can take care of himself.

The company pulled down the episode temporarily after receiving a wave of complaints about the line being included in the broadcast. NWA Vice President David Lagana issued an apology and the line was edited off the new version of the show.

On Wednesday, the NWA announced that Cornette was done with the company and released the following statement on his resignation:

Effective immediately: Jim Cornette has resigned from the National Wrestling Alliance. As an announcer on the November 19th edition of ‘NWA Power,’ Jim made remarks during a singles match between Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch that were both offensive and do not meet the high standards of decency and good faith of the National Wrestling Alliance. To ensure that such an error can never happen again, we’ve established new procedures of review for all NWA programming going forward. We sincerely regret our failure in this regard.

It isn’t the first statement that the NWA has had to release regarding Cornette. Last month, Cornette got into an interaction with Progress Wrestling’s Jim Smallman where Cornette was critical of what he wore on a show and stated he should have been hung for the offense. The NWA issued a statement that they did not endorse his words or making light of suicide.

Cornette addressed the resignation briefly on Twitter and stated he would cover it on his podcast this Friday:

Morning everybody! Heard any good jokes lately? This coming Friday’s Jim Cornette Experience (wherever you find your favorite podcasts) is liable to be a good one if you like hearing stupid people told what they can do with their stupidity.

It is unknown who will be brought in for the next set of tapings by the NWA to call the show with Joe Galli. They will be holding their first pay-per-view on Saturday, December 14th followed by two days of television tapings.

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