jim cornette reviews Raw

i was just wondering if anybody listen the last 2 episode of the jim cornette experience where he reviewed Raw and if so, what did you think of it.

For me, these was the best review of raw i’ve listen to in a while mostly because it was from the perspective of somebody that never watch WWE programming. The weird thing is that, while i was listening more for entertainment purpose, i was agreeing with a lot of what he was saying during his review.

Raw and in a certain way smackdown as well i’ve been suffering from the same boring style of booking that really doesn’T work anymore. This week edition of both shows were so boring, that it made me want to stop watching them live and just PVR them and watch them in the morning so that i can cut through all the boring stuff.

Anyway just wanted to see if other members on the board listen to the episode and if so what are your thought on some of the stuff he said.

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What were some of his points? Havent listened to Cornette in awhile.

Not a weekly Experience listener, but I downloaded to the first one after I heard about it. He has plenty of good points but, as always, they are delivered in his typical manner that makes you understand why he’s pretty much unemployable.

It was interesting to hear him talk about the production side of things, and he has an interesting perspective, as he is both a relatively “new fan” in terms of familiarity with the current product/talent but also a guy who knows more about wrestling than almost anybody else in the world. As far as controversy, I’m sure his opinion on women’s wrestling won’t sit well with a lot of people.

Will listen to this week’s show on my commute this evening.

I’m not going to right everything he said over the past 2 weeks because it would be a really long list and i don’t have the time to memorize everything. But the major points where about presentation and production of the program. Like how they introduce the new guys cold without vignettes or anything. How can fans react to guys they don’t know.

Or how every match that goes to a commercial break has to go to the break with everybody lay out and come back with a rest hold. How can you keep you’re audience interested in the match when you go to break after everybody is down, you need to keep the action going when going to break and comeback with something hot.

He kinda praise Lio rush and he thought that he could be a awesome manager but it made no sense in his mind for lio to look as strong as ricochet and Finn balor.

finally again he said he like the revival vs ciampa and gargano match but didn’t like that they had to sacrifice the tag champs to put over ciampa and gargano and he also made fun of the lack of expression gargano as which i always thought was one of the biggest weakness of gargano, great wrestlers but has the emotional range of a cardboard box.

Finally, i made a comment about the DX hall of fame induction: on that he said that he never was a fan of DX because of all the dumb stuff the group did but that almost everybody in that group deserve to be inducted which made me think that kinda like me, i didn’t think chyna deserve to be inducted.

He talk about other stuff as well but like i wrote, if you’re interested in not going to spoiled everything but all i can say is that both episode are a interesting listen if you want to know what somebody like cornette who doesn’t watch WWE regularly thinks of Raw

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Do everythig like I did for country bumpkins is basically all I heard.

Do people need to he reminded constantly who is who? Nah…if its just matches with limited storylines, theres no point for forced exposition.