jim cornette reviews some matches from NXT takeover

Since somebody started a thread where Cornette reviewed AEW double or nothing, it’s only fair that somebody post his latest Review of NXT takeover 25

To be fair, he’s not as critical of this as he was for double or nothing but i did love some of his criticism especially toward Johnny gargano since i cheer is opinion on him.

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I don’t know anyone who agrees with his opinion of Beth Phoenix, other than that his criticism is fair. For me Gargano worked best when he was the guy fighting from underneath and being the guy that just cannot quite win the big one. I thought both times he has had a singles title he was an underwhelming champion. The moment of achievement was great for him, but the follow up as a reigning champ he just doesn’t seem to have a character. Part of that is in the builds to his matches, but part of it is him not really having a character.