Jim Cornette's review of the Stadium Stampede

I’m just going to leave this here. Five minutes in he literally said, ‘I apologize to Vince Russo for saying he produced the worst wrestling I’ve ever seen or heard of.’ Cornette really has become the very thing that he hated.

I mean crapping on anything that isn’t old school Wrasslin is basically his gimmick at this point and it is why people tune in to hear him.


He seems to me that he is the exact same thing he’s always been. He’s a guy that was a kid in the 60’s who came up in the 70’s/80’s and believes that the style of that era is the style that should be used today.

He hated Vince Russo in the 90’s for wanting to stray from that style and in his opinion ruin the business, and now he hates that AEW is doing it.

The only difference I see is that his comments now go against the grain as he’s now criticizing an internet darling (AEW) opposed to criticizing an internet villain (Vince Russo).

Now please don’t mistaken this as me saying I agree or disagree with him (I haven’t seen the match yet), but to me this is the exact same Jim Cornette that we have known for years.

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Exactly, I wrote what I wrote before even reading this.

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Always enjoyed Jim Cornette

But the man has clearly lost touch or he’s just trying to troll the Internet. He’s lost so much credibility. I’m not sure how much I value his opinion on matches anymore.


I think it’s more so that fans have changed, he’s the exact same as he’s always been.

And in any other conversation, that’s the definition of somebody who is out of touch.


I don’t necessarily agree with Jim has always been Jim. He’s increased the amount of dumb shit that comes out of his mouth and I’m sure the Internet helps as well. The guy is completely disconnected from today. He needs to take a DeLorean back to 1978.

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One wonders if he’s a bit like Trump and pandering to his base as opposed to actually believes all this to be true

I also feel that he started off hating on them and either now has to admit they aren’t a total failure and have an audience or just double down and find more ways to hate. I guess he’s chosen the later


As long as people continue to share this guys stuff, whether they love him or hate him, he will continue to be that “shock wrestling podcaster” that does anything to get attention, whether it’s good or bad.

I think he falls into the Russo and Sunny category of it’s better to ignore them then give them negative attention.


To be honest, I don’t usually agree with him, but at the end of the day its wrestling. Wrestling is and always has been subjective. I get the logic when fans call Vince out of touch, he is running the largest wrestling company in the world and his vision of wrestling is what the majority of the world view as wrestling, but Cornette is just a fan at this point.

I dont see why people care that he likes what he likes, and doesn’t like what he doesn’t like. In any other industry this is not an issue. Take Dan the Mouth Lovranski for example, he loves old music. I could never see a fan getting mad that he doesn’t like new music and criticizing him because he would prefer new music to sound more like old music. it just wouldn’t be a thing.

Honestly, if Cornette hates AEW, none of us should care. Whatever.

@MarkP the majority of this post isnt directed at you specifically, more so the tone of the entire thread.

Unfortunately, he has a following of fanatics who follow his opinion and treat them as facts - which leads to constant harrassment for both talent and other fans.

And he does work within the industry (off and on), so he is seen more than a fan at times.

Furthermore, his opinion, while working for certain promotions in a position of power, had a negative affect on the livelihood of many talents. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Young Bucks, and Dark Order / Smash Brothers are people I know that had opportunities taken away from them because what they did, didn’t fit into his narrow view of what wrestling is.

Furthermore, the guy hasn’t drawn any money or helped build up any meaningful talent in over two decades. Nobody should be looking to him for an informed opinion on modern wrestling.


Why are we even giving him the time of day? He can be a great historian but as a modern day critic, he’s horrible.


I just laugh him off as a crazy uncle with outdated views. He’s entitled to his"unique" opinion, and there’s nothing offensive about what he’s saying. If you ever listen to his political rants, you’d know he has progressive thoughts.

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Also, I stand by this advice for all things Cornette related…


I think the thing that pisses me off most about him is his inability to separate matches from performers. For instance he is unwilling to say anything good about Candice Lerae in her current incarnation because at some point she worked with Joey Ryan.


That is unfair. And Joey is more than just a dick flip.

Yup this is the biggest issue.

If you listen to him he basically attacks these performers as people. He mentions never wanting to see them again etc. He says they all should have quit and walked away over that match even if they are in the camera crew.

We all have things we like and we don’t. He’s entitled to his opinion. He has no reason to basically bully these performers and attack them as people


I also just want to say that from the last decade, the two guys Cornette has seemed to back have been Davey Richards and Michael Elgin. Both solid performers, but neither the top guys some thought. Richards is out of the business, and Elgin is a good who basically blackballed himself out of anywhere but Impact. So maybe you shouldn’t want to be a Cornette approved talent.

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I feel like you are referring to incidents that took place years ago when he was in a position of power. How many of the names you listed were effected recently?

I’m talking about here and now. I couldn’t care less what he has to say today, and I guess I just don’t get why others get upset that he didn’t like a match.