Jim Ross confirms skin cancer diagnosis, says he is "feeling great and ready to attack"

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2021/10/23/jim-ross-confirms-skin-cancer-diagnosis-says-he-is-feeling-great-and-ready-to-attack/

AEW broadcaster and Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross has confirmed a diagnosis of skin cancer.

Ross, 69, had undergone a scan earlier this week and noted he was awaiting the results with the concern that it could be skin cancer. On Saturday, Ross posted an update on his way to Orlando for tonight’s AEW Dynamite and confirmed the diagnosis.

He is awaiting results from a radiologist study to plan the best course of action to combat the cancer adding that he is “feeling great and ready to attack.”

We wish Ross a full and speedy recovery as he undergoes this health issue.

On my way to Orlando for tonight’s @AEW Dynamite.

Skin cancer confirmed. Waiting on radiologist study to determine best treatment. Likely radiation.

Feeling great and ready to attack.

Thanks for the support from so many. 🙏🤠 pic.twitter.com/51PRET5Mgo

— Jim Ross (@JRsBBQ) October 23, 2021

We’re pulling for you, Jim. Praying for a complete recovery and kick cancer to the curb.

Hopefully it’s a mild form, with a lot of skin cancer it’s as simple as removing it. With that said, there are very dangerous forms of skin cancer that are not that way and can be very deadly. Wish him the best.

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I hate when articles like this come out. Skin cancer is such a vague term. There is a mountain of difference between having melanomas versus something else like a simple basal cell cancer that is no big deal.

It was like when Roman reigns had leukaemia and they failed to mention it’s CML which is treated with a pill and has a 90 percent survival versus acute AML or something.

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If your issue is the level of specificity, then fine, but that’s a separate argument then disputing the existence of an article covering an on-the-record statement about a medical condition a notable figure has disclosed.


No I am not directing at you at all. I apologize if it came across like that. You can only report what is out there of course. I just hate that the company or person doesn’t release half the information.

Disclosing Roman Reigns has Leukemia and not mentioning CML is ’a half truth. They drum up a lot of sympathy for a disease that has an easy treatment and high cure rate. Like it’s technically a Leukemia but it’s not at all like other Leukemias. It’s a simple BCR-ABL pill you take and it’s usually always fine.

Same thing here. There is a melanoma which can have a horrible survival depending on stage. That’s what killed Bob Marley.

And then there is basal cell cancer which is 100 percent survival and literally no big deal if caught early. It never spreads. It’s slow growing. Again 100 percent survival.

If you are drumming up prayers for that and pitching it like a major cancer scare to the public then it’s not fair to those that are actually battling a serious cancer. I wish he could have just said what it is and not use the term “skin cancer”

My goodness, why is this a hill to die on for you?

Ya this is essentially what I was eluding to. My uncle had Squamous cell skin cancer of the ear and Basel cell on the hand. The hand was a simple procedure to slice it off (it was like a piece of peperoni) and they had to do a minor surgery to the ear to cut it out, but once both were out there were zero complications. Melanoma on the other hand is a completely different animal. Its like comparing a fender bender where two cars hit each other in a parking lot going like 5 km/hr vs a high speed collision on the highway.

@Alex_Patel…if JR is saying that he likely needs radiation, does that imply its likely not Squamous or Basel cell?