Jim Ross doesn't think he & Jerry Lawler have called their last match together

Originally published at Jim Ross doesn't think he & Jerry Lawler have called their last match together

J.R. chats Lawler. 

It was first reported by PWInsider that although Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler remains on a Legends contract, his broadcaster contract with WWE was not renewed. In an interview with the website, Lawler stated that his career with WWE has ‘probably ended’. 

Jim Ross reacted to the news on Grilling JR. He went on to state that he does not believe he and Lawler have called their last match together. He added that he is not saying Lawler will join the team at AEW. 

I felt bad about this week’s news about (Jerry) Lawler. My partner. I don’t think that he and I have worked our last match together. I really don’t believe that. I think somewhere down the road — if nothing else, it’ll be at an appearance. You notice he doesn’t wear his Hall of Fame ring, but he’ll wear the freaking Superman ring until the cows come home. Never. I’ve never seen him wear it. 

I’m not saying that he’s gonna join the staff at AEW whatsoever. I don’t have any idea about that, and nor do I want to know. It’s not my place to hire talent. But I certainly feel in my bones there’ll be opportunities for he and I to work together, whether it’d be on a TV show, a one-off type thing, or certainly some appearances. I had a chance to do an appearance with him in Oklahoma City. They called me late, and it coincides with our pay-per-view in Vegas. So Double or Nothing, I can’t miss that to go make a dollar or two on an appearance. So, we’ll get there but, we still have great chemistry. When you’re together that long… it’s Siegfried and Roy. 

During the podcast episode, Grilling J.R. co-host Conrad Thompson said several times that Ross is going to be on the call for AEW Double or Nothing on May 26th. 

J.R. was brought in to call Sting’s final match at Revolution

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