Jim Ross feels there is no inductee more deserving of WWE Hall of Fame nod than Paul Heyman

Originally published at Jim Ross feels there is no inductee more deserving of WWE Hall of Fame nod than Paul Heyman

J.R. heaps praise onto his former broadcast partner. 

WWE’s 2024 Hall of Fame ceremony is taking place on April 5th following Friday Night SmackDown. As of this writing, Paul Heyman and Bull Nakano are scheduled to be inducted.

Praise was heaped onto Heyman by Jim Ross on the newest episode of Grilling JR. He talked about Heyman getting the Hall of Fame nod and said there is no one, past or present, that is being inducted into the Hall of Fame that deserves it more than Heyman. J.R. will not be able to attend the ceremony, but said he’ll be watching.

Oh yeah, there’s nobody going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, past or present, that’s more deserving than Paul Heyman. I saw this brash, young manager that the booking committee did not want to work with on a regular basis because he was very smart, smarter than most of them, and very demanding, so, my idea was, ‘Well if you guys aren’t gonna use this kid, I’ll use him on the broadcast’ so it’s my idea to make him a broadcaster to start with and he’s never let me down or anybody else down that he’s worked for in that regard so, he brought the best out of me. Without question, he brought the best out of me. He knew how to piss me off, he knew how to manage it… He was great, he was great. People really legitimately believed that Heyman and I hated each other. They legitimately believed that we hated each other and nothing could be farther from the truth, I’m happy to say. So I’m very happy for Paul, I’m proud of him. Although I won’t be able to be involved in his Hall of Fame day, I will certainly be watching in earnest and I’m just proud for him. It’s nobody quite like him, ever. Now or then or forever. So, good for Paul. Good dude, talented as hell and has been talented through multiple generations and multiple incarnations. So I’m happy for him to say the very least. He’s very well-deserving and I don’t know who else is going in the Hall of Fame this year but nobody that’s gonna go in is more deserving than Paul Heyman.

Jim Ross returned to commentary at AEW Revolution and he called the three-way AEW World Title bout and Sting’s retirement match. He expressed his gratitude to company President Tony Khan for putting him in that position. 

It was a great weekend. I can tell you that right now. That’s some of the best medicine that I could have received is being around all the guys and gals and the staff. Tony Khan’s done a good job of hiring a lot of new people that seem to be doing their jobs well. At least that’s my take on it. It seems to be working so, I enjoyed seeing everybody and catching up and so forth. I appreciate the friendliness and the care and the compassion that the talents had for me. They were glad to see me back and almost as glad as I was to be back. So it was really cool. I’m sure glad I got the assignment. I appreciate Tony Khan having the confidence in me, having a wounded soldier get back on the frontline and do his thing so, I appreciate that confidence that Tony had in me and has in me. So, all good. It’s all good man.

AEW and Jim Ross came to terms on a new contract. He’ll be with the company for another year. Ross said during the podcast that his next goal is to be on the call for AEW’s Dynasty pay-per-view on April 21st.

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It makes sense for Stone Cold to induct Paul, IMO. He knew Paul for some of the longest time and has the ECW connection as well.