Jim Ross shares optimism toward reaching new deal with AEW, would like to do more commentary

Originally published at Jim Ross shared his optimism that a new contract with AEW

Jim Ross shared his optimism that a new contract with AEW will be reached as he nears the expiration of his current one.

While speaking on his Grilling JR podcast with host Conrad Thompson, Ross shared that talks are ongoing and he recently spoke with Tony Khan about his deal.

Tony Khan has answered a lot of my prayers and I hope to continue working for AEW for the foreseeable future as our goal. That’s Tony’s goal, that’s my goal. Tony and I had a nice chat about my contract last week at TV, so are things are well in that regard. I’m sure that between Barry Bloom, my agent, the legal department at AEW they’re going to get something worked out, that’s my belief. I’m being positive and optimistic, so this is the best scenario for me that I could imagine working for a young company where you go to work you feel invigorated, you feel excited, you’re around a lot of great young talent that wants to be stars and this groups of talents – they work their ass off.

Ross continued to praise the quality of matches of late on Collision while adding that he would like to be more involved in commentary beyond just calling the main events with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness:

Some of the matches we’d had on Collision the last few weeks have just been epic in my view. Hard-hitting, epic matches that I just can’t get enough of. So, the only thing I’d like to do more of is call more than just the main event but that’s not my call. I’m running the plays, baby just put me in the game coach, I’m ready to roll.

Tony Khan has been a blessing to me, providing me an opportunity to work in the business that I love, that I still love.

Ross was one of the earliest signings for the company prior to AEW’s first show in 2019. In May 2022, Ross stated he signed an extension for approximately a year and a half.

Thank God it’s not your call Jim. You’re embarrassingly bad at this stage of your career.

Thats not fair. Personally, I would selfishly like to hear the pairing for JR and Cornette calling Collision for the curmudgeon value. And to see people pissed off. :laughing: