Jim Ross Shits On Modern Wrestling

He’s right, though i’d hardly call it shitting on modern wrestling, it’s all tame and perfectly fair criticism. The fact that it’s apparently ruffled some feathers is pretty pathetic. I think it’s so tame and fair that Brandon Cutler’s attempt to make a joke out of it makes him come off badly. It also doesn’t make sense to react this way to in house criticism - save that shit for Cornette etc., not your colleagues.

The “Stand in a huddle and wait to have someone thrown/jump at you” spots are awful and it makes me wince whenever i see it, even from wrestlers i otherwise enjoy. It happens far too often and mostly it’s just lazy as they don’t even try and make it look genuine, it’s paint by numbers wrestling.


I heard his take. How is it shitting on modern wrestling? It’s fair criticism and wants more to improve.
Imagine being upset about advice from someone who’s been In the business since 1972 and signed some of the biggest names in the history of the business.


The criticism supposedly isn’t what ruffled feathers. It’s that JR did it publicly. Which might get him clicks and listens to his podcasts but I agree with those wrestlers upset that it isn’t the best way to approach it if he really wants to see changes in AEW’s style.

That’s funny. Just think how all the players and staff at Fulham felt after Tony Khan’s comments a couple of months ago. Apparently a few AEW wrestlers would walk out if Khan spoke like that about them.

I get how JR’s methods could rub people the wrong way, but that makes Cutler’s tweet hypocritical and even more silly.

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I don’t disagree with much of what Jim Ross said, especially regarding there being too much emphasis on spots but I don’t think there’s much wrong with the wrestlers having the right to react to the criticism either.

JR can have his opinion but i doubt AEW would do any better if they would follow his advice. The new generations wants the high spots and athleticism they turn their heads to acts like Braun or Corbin. I think JR is in the wrong.

I think he’s referring more to the lack of sense and the lack of these high spots meaning anything rather than him having a go at wrestlers being athletic. Athletic wrestlers aren’t a new thing. Moves not meaning anything or making any sense, whether high spot or not, is very synonymous with this current generation.

There are the Young Bucks who just do spots and then there’s an AJ Styles who’s athletic but can also have his match make sense. There’s also the point of every match being the same with the same spots that JR made.

He wasn’t saying that it should just be big guys doing big moves. Listen how he talks about wrestlers like Angle, Guerrero, Bret Hart, HBK, etc.


Eh they need get over it. Of course the old guys are going to hate on modern wrestling. They are going to prefer the wrestling they grew up with.

Its no different then Spielberg and Scorsese talking crap about the Marvel movies.

Meh let the old men enjoy their outdated opinions.

If anything I really hate about this new day and age. Is the need for validation from everyone and if you don’t get it lets throw a tantrum. Just worry about yourself and let other people be. But thats just me.

You don’t have to be old to appreciate things making sense and you don’t have to be young to prefer loud noises.


I’ve noticed that most conversations about “modern wrestling” end up between two people that aren’t talking about the same thing. I personally don’t like a lot of the stuff outlined above – standing around waiting for a dive, hitting the same complex spots in every match – basically everything Cornette complains about, except I don’t wish death on the people who do it. But that doesn’t mean I get to personally arbitrate what “works” in 2020.

What “works” is whatever draws money. If I end up hating wrestling and WWE/AEW/whoever continues to make money, then that’s my problem, not theirs. Nobody gets to decide what wrestling is because it’s what they like.

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They need to grow the f&@k up and stop being such f&@king snowflakes.

What makes it funny is that a nobody has the arrogance to try to diminish the valid criticism from one of the people who has contributed most to the business in the last 40 years.

They absolutely would. If there is one thing about AEW fans it is they will watch whatever AEW presents. OC could take a shit in the ring every week and they would say it was entertaining and the evolution of wrestling.

I agree, except not because of any sort of AEW fanboyism but because it genuinely would be evolutionary and very entertaining.

If most of AEW’s roster were a bit more like FTR and a bit less like the Young Bucks and that was the brand of wrestling AEW was known for, everybody would eat it up and nobody would be complaining about the lack of people jumping into huddles of wrestlers or the Canadian Destroyer no longer being a transition move. People would accept it and they’d love it. That doesn’t mean “flippy shit” would be eliminated, it means it would mean more when it happens.

To be clear, i’m not shitting on modern wrestling either. The Elite/AEW got me more investment in wrestling than i thought i ever would be again. But i don’t believe for an instant that many if any wrestling fans would miss the things JR is talking about. A lack of them would improve modern wrestling.

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It couldn’t be more different. The need to do all these “spots” is a reflection of their inability to construct a logical match that generates a response based on their ability to actually work a pro-wrestling match.

I was going to say I’m sure you would grow tired of it after the initial novelty wore off and it became a lazy and repetitive “spot” but that is true of OC’s current “gimmick” yet somehow people are still entertained by the exact same thing week in, week out.

But at the end of the day. Thats what made them popular and rich.

A mark son of a billionaire is what is making them rich. And that is more a reflection of the shit show that society has become that people with no discernible talent or that are shit at their job can be so popular.

I think if/when The Young Bucks decide their bodies can’t take this style any longer and adopt a more grounded approach, it’ll make them even more popular and rich. The storyline is already written.