Jim Ross weighs in on sexual abuse allegations against Vince McMahon

Originally published at Jim Ross weighs in on sexual abuse allegations against Vince McMahon

Jim Ross chimes in. 

This past January, The Wall Street Journal ran a story about now-former TKO and WWE executive Vince McMahon being accused of sex trafficking in a lawsuit filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant. 

Former company executive John Laurinaitis was accused of sexual abuse as well and in the Wall Street Journal’s reporting, it is noted that McMahon instructed Grant to create sexual content for Brock Lesnar as he was trying to re-sign him to a new deal with WWE. 

The allegations were mentioned during episode #256 of Grilling J.R. and Jim Ross was asked what did he make of everything involving McMahon, Laurinaitis and Lesnar. Here’s what he had to say:

Lots of change afloat and personally, I’ll be glad when the winds have swept that change on through. I’m tired of it. It’s embarrassing in a lot of ways that it’s happened this way. It’s affected a lot of innocent people. That’s my take on it. I might be wrong but, it’s time to move on. It’s time to move on and cause some rest and peace for some people and it’s time to move on in my opinion, and I just never believed that Vince (McMahon) would allow his company to get this out of control and it has and I feel badly about that because I know how much the WWE meant to him. I’m sure it still does to some degree. So, anyway, it’s time. Let’s go. Let’s move on. Let’s rewind it and cast the hook in the water one more time and see if we can catch something more positive. 

Well, it’ll affect it (Vince McMahon’s legacy in wrestling) to some degree but, it won’t be earth-shattering. It won’t be a big seismic, graphic change, because he’s still Vince McMahon and he’s still built this amazing company that many of us in different forms of pro wrestling are still celebrating, and still playing off of. I just think it’s time for all of us to move on and find happier days and build from there. But you’ll never be able to take away from what Vince built and how he’s helped a lot of people. I mean a lot of guys that are making a living in pro wrestling right now can look at it anyway they choose but if they’re being realistic, they look in the mirror and see Vince McMahon staring them right in the face because he was the catalyst that created a lot of this change and the incomes going up and all those things so, I just wish it was over. I just wish we were moved on and all these issues are settled and we have moved on to happier days, because I think that’s what the business and the world needs is happier days and still get that with the old WWE memories, at least I do. I’m very thankful I had the chance to work there. I’m even more thankful I have a chance to work for Tony Khan now at AEW. So, it’s all good man, it’s all good. We have to build on the positives and that’s what I’m trying to do at my stage of life and my health situation. It’s important for me to build on the positives and that’s what I’m trying to do. 

Laurinaitis denied the allegations in the sex trafficking lawsuit. His lawyer told media outlets that Laurinaitis is a victim in the case. His lawyer would later share that most of WWE’s upper level management were aware that the late Ashley Massaro alleged she’d been sexually assaulted during WWE’s visit to a U.S. military base. 

The Ashley Massaro allegations were further delved into on the newest episode of Pollock x Thurston

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Always sad to see people keep forgetting mentioning the victims. Instead he talks about how Vince made people earn alot of money. I’d rather have no rape victims instead of rich wrestling people.


Oh hey. You know how you were raped many years ago, and it caused irreparable trauma that likely tainted your relationships going forward with your family, friends, and loved ones, shattered your soul, and likely lead to grave downstream effects to your autoimmune system and your own bodily maintenance?

WELL GUESS WHAT? It’s time to move on!

Let’s focus in the positives… like Cody vs. Roman. Oh wait, I work for AEW.


Jim Ross wants people to move on, because he’s probably got a hell of a lot of skeletons in his closest related to his time in that company, and especially in talent relations.

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I was just going to say consider the source. He’s openly told wrestlers to take steroids and get bigger

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I know i shouldn’t be surprised considering the source, but this was a very disappointing take on the situation.
Should have grilled him a little longer, this answer was under done.


The more JR talks the less I like him. Great storyteller, great author, awful takes.

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Maybe I’m misinterpreting JR, but when he says “its time to move on”, I interpreted the context being “The WWE needs to move on from Vince McMahon and move forward”. Watch the video, go to about 3:20.

I didn’t interpret it as him say “fans/victims need to move on”.

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Listening back to this, I agree with you @kliq. I don’t think JR meant any ill-will on the accusers. Just the WWE should move on from Vince.

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I think this is a perfect example of why it’s better to listen to something in is entirety opposed to reading a recap. Tone, inflection and sometimes a degree of context can completely be missed. Especially if you’re just seeing quotes that are pulled from a larger statement.