Jimmy Uso betrays Jey, hands Roman Reigns the win in the SummerSlam main event

Originally published at Jimmy Uso betrays Jey, hands Roman Reigns the win in the SummerSlam main event

Jey Uso looked set to beat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam when a returning Jimmy betrayed him.

Roman Reigns also remains Chief of the Bloodline after the ‘Tribal Combat’ rules match.

Solo Sikoa was nowhere to be seen initially, with Reigns accompanied to the ring only by Paul Heyman.

Before the bell, Michael Cole explained the significance of the Samoan ‘Ula Fala’ garland, which would go to the winner along with the championship.

Tribal Combat means “anything goes,” Michael Cole said. Despite this, the match began conventionally enough inside the ring.

As soon as the action spilled outside the ring, the crowd started loud chants of “We want tables.” Jey complied and fetched a table from under the ring and set it up, but Roman Reigns forced him into the steel steps.

Back in the ring, the two traded blows. When Reigns was knocked outside the ring, Jey attempted a dive but Roman intercepted him with a kendo stick.

Later, Jey used the kendo stick on Reigns until it splintered. He then attempted the Uso Splash only to be hit with a Superman Punch.

Jey then dodged a spear and hit a superkick and successfully landed the Uso Splash. This only led to a two-count, however.

A frustrated Jey grabbed a chair and nailed Reigns across the back twice. As the crowd chanted, “One more time,” Jey headed outside and tossed multiple chairs into the ring.

Jey attempted to superplex Reigns onto the chairs but wound up being power bombed onto them himself for a near-fall.

Reigns set up a second table in the corner of the ring, giving Jey time to recover.

The two fought at the ring apron, with Jey then putting both men through the table on the floor with a Samoan drop.

Jey then grabbed a leather strap and whipped Roman with it to the point that Reigns tried to escape into the crowd.

At this point, Solo Sikoa appeared and laid into Jey before choke-slamming him through yet another table.

Sikoa then carried a lifeless Jey back to the ring and attacked him as Reigns caught his breath.

Solo and Reigns then teamed up to deliver a Samoan Spike and spear combination. But Jey was able to move out of the way, leaving Sikoa to take the spear.

After a near-fall for Jey, he attacked both Sikoa and Reigns with a chair.

Solo and Reigns got the upper hand again but argued on the outside, allowing Jey to spear Reigns through the ringside barricade.

Jey then delivered a splash to Solo on the announce table, seemingly taking him out.

Back in the ring, just as Jey was about to win, a masked Jimmy Uso pulled him out of the ring by the feet. The twins stared at each other and then Jimmy delivered a superkick and threw Jey back into the ring.

This allowed Reigns to spear Jey through the table he had set up earlier and pin Jey.

Didn’t watch but lol this crap was 36 minutes. Good lord. And this storyline is never going to end because they have no faith in anyone else. Yikes.

And the finish is another dumb swerve that makes no sense. This storyline is dead creatively

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I am sickened

I don’t know what the “other“ dumb swerves were, but this one is bad. There’s been a few times where they were clearly treading water with this storyline, but this was a flat out admission that they’re throwing shit at the wall trying to get the thing to Mania if not further.

To me, there is definitely a way to retro fit this to makes sense in the grand scheme. But that doesn’t change the fact that they blew the Summerslam main event.

I think I said another thread that I much prefer MJ Cole and I mean it.

Bloodline feels like it’s jumped the shark

Agreed. The Bloodline storyline has been on fire for a very long time now and up to this point I felt it was near flawless. Last night should have been the end. Ill give them the benefit of the doubt to see how this plays out, but I can’t see it looking good in the end.

I think you were wrong about this 24 hours ago for the reasons I already stated, now I agree with you. If they wanted to go this route, Roman should have just lost to Cody at Mania and then faced Jey for Trical Chief at SS. If you aren’t putting the title on Sami, Cody, or Jey, and Omega is not coming, there is nobody else (unless they do LA Knight, but that would shock me). I know people are saying Solo, but IMO he doesn’t cut it as a main eventer yet.

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The entire Roman main event format is so tired. Plodding, slow matches with painful “acting”. It just doesn’t work. Maybe it worked in the pandemic but why on earth is a Roman match 36 minutes.

As for swerves, there was all of that horrendous stuff with Heyman going back with Brock and then going back to Roman. Made zero sense.

The problem is there is literally no one else ready and won’t be for anytime soon. Every baby face has lost to Reigns. There’s no plan

Not gonna lie this match put me to sleep last night. Doesn’t sound like I missed much.

Bloodline peaked with Sami in Montreal and has been circling the drain since Mania. Obviously I’m in the minority with this opinion because as John and Wai correctly pointed out, just look at the ratings. But it’s getting harder and harder to take any opponent seriously and if the matches aren’t gonna be bangers, it doesn’t leave me much of a reason to care.

On the plus side, I’m feeling very refreshed this morning after a good sleep.

It just doesn’t make sense. Jimmy finally snaps at Roman for getting hot at Jey. Jey sticks with Jimmy and they win at MITB. Roman and Solo put Jimmy in the hospital so Jey goes on a tear to get revenge… Jimmy turns on Jey because reasons.


Well, did Jey visit Jimmy in the hospital? I remember the Savage/Crush feud.


Yeah, I definitely was flat. I don’t see solo is the wrestlemania match just yet. What I do see is

Repeat of last year. Roman vs Cody.

Cody says if he doesn’t beat Roman he will never challenge for the title again.

Match is similar to a year ago. Cody is ready to take him out and Solo pops up. Instead of a spike - he nods and folds his arms. Let’s Cody hit the move and win

Leads to Roman vs Solo being built up where the entire BL attacks and beats up Roman - makes him a face.

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I actually just listened the 6/16 recap of review a smackdown and John and Wai discussed how the storyline at that time (it was right when Jey superkicked Roman) was that when Roman wanted to groom Jey to be tribal chief, the only person who was against it was Jimmy. They also went into how Jey always felt like he was second fiddle to Jimmy growing up.

My guess, is the storyline is going to be that Jimmy was hurt that the second he went out with an injury, rather then defend his brother, Jey jumped on the chance to be tribal chief which was something that Jimmy felt he was entitled to given he was always the “better” of the two. Then I’m thinking they will play into how Jimmy feels that Jey did it because of the insecurity towards Jimmy that he talked about back in June.

Not saying I love it, but if done properly it could make sense.

I could see all this happening…at the end of the day all the performers are strong and they are great at storytelling so I could see this happening and being good. I just want the title to come off of Roman, it’s been a legendary run, one of the best in my lifetime, but it needs to end by Mania IMO.

You can save this:

  • Isn’t Jimmy the older brother?
  • Is Jimmy upset that Jey attacked Solo?

Either one of these can be motivations for Jimmy to turn. Jimmy now gets to be the right hand man. I didn’t love the finish (and I certainly think it was all hype video and a lackluster match) but it’s not the end of the story from a creative perspective. They’ll bring the crowd around just like they did after Sami and just like they did after Cody.

This is starting to take the role of the NWO - a great storyline they went on too long and jumped the shark.

Yes, they can still pull this out a while longer, but there isn’t that much life left in it.

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I’m glad the world is not like WWE and more like AEW. In AEW people have each others backs and form cliques like in real life. In WWE everyone hates everyone, everyone would kill their own grandma just for a shot at the USA championship. It’s just stupid.

How long until USOs are a team again…100% by Wrestlemania. I’d also happily bet money that KO and Sami hate each other again by then.

The writers need to be sent on a creative writing course they don’t know anything other then “x should stab x in the back”.

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I thought you don’t even watch WWE?

It could go in that direction, but up to this point I feel the bloodline storyline has been pretty damn good. I think if any storyline has earned the benefit of the doubt to see how it plays out it’s this one. I’m not defending the Jimmy turn, I didn’t like it either but I feel like many (I don’t mean you) are jumping on this as a reason to bash a hot storyline in general because it annoys them that the storyline is so popular.


I’m quite certain that at this stage of the game if any major promotion were to float an angle where a wrestler attempts to kill their own grandmother, it would be AEW. That unironically sounds like a Moxley angle to me.