Jimmy Uso found not guilty following July arrest for DUI

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/12/19/jimmy-uso-found-not-guilty-following-july-arrest-for-dui/

Jonathan Fatu a.k.a. ‘Jimmy Uso’ was in court on Wednesday in Escambia County, Florida, for a jury trial stemming from July arrest for DUI.

Footage of Fatu being pulled over was released that saw Fatu swerving in his car while speeding. He was pulled over and later charged, although Fatu did not take a field sobriety test. It was noted that the performer did not refuse a test but did want his lawyer.

Fatu was found not guilty after the jury deliberated for one hour. A speeding ticket he was issued will remain on his record.

Fatu was represented by Greg Whibbs, who gave the following statement to Channel 3 Wear TV:

And that is what the jury system is for. A cop cannot convict you. A cop can arrest you but they cannot convict you and that’s why we took it to the next level and plead not guilty and set out for a case trial.

Both Jonathan and brother Joshua (Jey Uso) have been off WWE television since July.