Jinder Mahal is the new 24/7 champion on a runway!

I must say this is BRILLIANT by WWE. Releasing these clips on YouTube with Jinder means that all those Indians will swarm the site and inflate their numbers. I guess it still beats watching a Bollywood movie in terms of plot lol

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…and he lost it again!

It is brilliant. The Indians will flock to see this nonsense like they do Kavita Devi

But did R Truth spend a 18 hour flight in an airplane bathroom?

Well how fitting to have the 24/7 championship in the toilets.

But why didn’t all the guys chasing Truth not try to pin Jinder?

They were sleeping and Truth woke them up. They got pissed, so they decided to chase him.

This is shit but they’ll continue it because it gets views. It’s a similar case to Being The Elite…