Joey Janela attends school board meeting as a prank, lands on local news

Originally published at Joey Janela attends school board meeting as a prank, lands on local news

Perhaps as a homage to Sasha Baron Cohen, Joey Janela dressed up and attended the Seminole County School Board meeting on Tuesday night in Sanford, Florida.

Janela made his way into the meeting and was apparently asked to leave after he was being disruptive during one of the speeches.

I got dressed up tonight to check out my local Seminole county school board meeting! #GODBLESSAMERICA #USA #JESUS #UNMASKTHECHILDREN #FAUCIFRAUD #MASKOFF #SAVETHEKIDS #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN

— “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) June 23, 2021

Janela posted a photo he took with former NXT referee Drake Wuertz, who attended and spoke at the meeting advocating for the elimination of mask-wearing for children and ending social distancing. Wuertz also threatened legal action if they attempt to pressure children to be vaccinated. He also cited the “sexual grooming and pedophilia that’s apparent in the entertainment industry”. The most noteworthy part of Wuertz’s speech was hinting at running for a position in the community. Reporter David Bixenspan isolated Wuertz’s speech.

The disruption took place at the 2:10:25 mark of the meeting:

Janela appears to be running with the gag with some people actually buying it as legitimate, which is astounding, but here we are.

Janela’s exit from the school board meeting did land him on a local news report on WESH 2 News around the 30-second mark:

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I love reading a sentence, and just totally feeling John’s disbelief in people.

I’m just glad Joey’s making the most of his time off while healing up from injury.

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And for those still confused about where Janela’s heart truly is…

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What a weird story. The gag probably would have played out better if he got to do the speech he was practicing that he later tweeted. As it is, he did appear briefly on a local news broadcast.