Joey Janela goes undercover....

An amazing Trolljob…

Social Media is a tool … When used for evil…

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Just to be clear - I fully believe Janela is doing this as a goof, and mocking Drake and Q-Anon supporters and such. I can’t believe there are people seeing this and assuming he is serious about it.

Lol this is the internet. You create your own reality. If they perceive it to be genuine, then it is, and it comes part of the problem.

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Drake has lost his mind.

BTW, in addition to the usual mask talk & strongly hinting at running for the county school board in the next election, Drake Wuertz also went off tonight on “the sexual grooming and pedophilia that’s apparent in the entertainment industry.”

Full speech:

— David Bixenspan (@davidbix) June 23, 2021