Joey Janela's Spring Break - Part 1 Report: Colon vs. Murdoch, Janela vs. Waltman, Moxley vs. Gray

Originally published at Joey Janela's Spring Break - Part 1 Report: Janela vs. Waltman, Moxley vs. Gray

Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 Night 1

Thursday, March 31, 2022, Dallas, Texas

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:
Blake Christian vs. AR Fox
Moxley vs. AJ Gray
Scramble Match

Commentary: Kevin Gill, Lenny Leonard

Ring Announcer: Emil J

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Second Gear Crew vs. H8 Club vs. The Briscoe Brothers

We started off the night hot with the GCW tag team title match featuring three former Tag Team Champions. Due to a situation out of their control, Matt Tremont was not able to compete, but that did not phase Nick Gage as he took on all four guys himself. The match started with The Briscoes and SGC trading fists in the center of the ring but it didn’t take long until the doors were introduced into the match. While SGC and The Briscoes beat the hell out of each other Nick Gage was saving himself on the apron watching all the action take place. Mance Warner choke slammed Jay Briscoe through a door bridge for the first near fall of the evening. The Briscoes set up Mance Warner on a chair in the center of the ring and took him out with a top rope senton; it was at this point that Nick Gage made his way into the match, DDTing Jay Briscoe and spearing Mance Warner through a door followed by a reverse springboard back elbow. Gage grabbed a piece of the broken door and started to puncture the head of Mance Warner, SLADE came to the ring, threw Gage a pizza cutter, and announced himself as Nick Gage’s partner, as both men take the pizza cutter to Mance Warner’s head as the crowd erupted in a ‘you sick fuck’ chant.

NICK GAGE AND SLADE?! FUCK YES…. Slade was at the right place right time and now has 3 GCW matches in a day lfg #JJSB6

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) April 1, 2022


Jay Briscoe returned to the ring and took out Gage with a head kick followed by a leaping neck breaker. The Brothers’ advantage did not last long as SGC came back into the ring and pummeled The Briscoes with a set of chair shots to the head and back. Gage brained Justice with a steel chair, and stabbed a chair into Mance Warner’s head, Gage retrieved a staple gun and proceeded to staple Warner’s tongue to the door. Before the match began I honestly thought to myself “it’s been a while since I’ve seen Mance’s tongue to something.” Nick Gage took a bad spill as he attempted to piledrive Justice through a door from the apron.

Rough landing, hope Gage is all good! #JJSB6

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) April 1, 2022


Back in the ring, Jay hits the J-Driller followed by the Froggy Bow from Mark as they go for the cover only for it to be broken up by SLADE. The Briscoe Brothers hit a doomsday device onto SLADE, pinning him to win the GCW Tag Team Championships.

The Briscoe Brothers Defeated Second Gear Crew and The H8 Club

A promo featuring Jeff Jarrett played

Singles Match: AR Fox vs. Blake Christian

Blake Christian has transformed his wrestling style from solely high flying into more of a ground and strike-based attack. He is on one of the best runs of his life; he has competed against Jonathan Gresham, Laredo Kid, Mike Bailey, Bandido, and Lio Rush, in many amazing matches. AR Fox is an incredible athlete who has competed all over the United States and finally comes to Joey Janela’s Spring Break to meet up with a version of his younger self. The match started at a furious pace as they engaged in the usual sequence of reversals and counters; eventually standing face to face in the center of the ring to the delight of the crowd. Fox took control of the match for a little bit but he wasn’t able to match Blake Christian’s pace as the advantage swung into Blake’s direction momentarily.

Gorgeous Tope from AR Fox! #JJSB6

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) April 1, 2022


Fox cleared the top rope with ease as he took out Blake Christian on the floor, he then ran around the ring and landed a big running boot. Fox tried for the boot again but he was cut off with a pair of double knees from Christian, who then threw Fox back into the ring. AR Fox hung Christian up in the ropes and was able to hit a beautiful Twister for a two count, he climbed to the top rope and went for a 450 but rolled out as Christian grounded Fox and hit him with a standing frog splash. Fox hit a series of Ace Crushers for a very very close near fall which elicited a ‘that was three’ chant from the crowd in Dallas; Blake Christian hit the three amigos, crowd chants for the late great Eddie Guerrero, Christian followed the amigos up with a massive Frog Splash for another very close near fall. Fox hits Lo Mein pain followed by a 450 for ANOTHER very close near fall, the two men had the crowd in the palm of their hands as they chanted ‘This is awesome.’

Blake Christian hit a ripcord Spanish fly, followed by the golden trident for the victory. This was an absolutely fantastic match that delivered on all expectations.

Blake Christian Defeated AR Fox

Singles Match: Mickie James vs. Allie Katch with Effy

Katch has held her own in matches with Ruby Soho and Thunder Rosa but she’s never faced a legend like Mickie James. The match started with the two wrestlers feeling out each other, with Mickie gaining the advantage early, Mickie has the experience advantage but Allie Katch is much stronger than the Former 5x WWE Women’s Champion. The two started to exchange chops in the corner with Allie coming out on top of that exchange, Katch caught Mickie with an elbow but Mickie was able to recover and connected with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Katch hit a cannonball in the corner, then bailed to the floor and retrieved a door to the delight of the crowd. Katch set up the door in the center of the ring but she took too much time setting it up and was eventually put through the door by Mickie. Katch scored a couple of near falls, but she got frustrated and started attacking the downed Mickie James with brutal forearms.

Mickie lays a kiss on Allie and uses it to nail her DDT for the win! #JJSB6

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) April 1, 2022


Mickie countered that offense by kissing Allie Katch, she hit her DDT and pinned Allie.

Mickie James Defeated Allie Katch

6 Man Scramble Match: Gringo Loco vs. Ninja Mack vs. Nick Wayne vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Alec Price vs. Jimmy Lloyd

This match was absolutely insane, all of the GCW top highfliers battling in one match. Alec Price takes the fight to everyone and stands tall in the ring, he connected with a pair of running high knees to Jimmy Lloyd and Jordan Oliver but he got cut off with a three-way super kick, all of the competitors landed topes. Gringo Loco took them all out with a senton. Jordan Oliver was next to be featured in the match, hitting a stunner onto Alec Price. Jimmy Lloyd took out Oliver with a head kick and Cartwheel took out Lloyd by sweeping his legs and landing a splash. Jimmy Lloyd spiked Alec Price with a blockbuster as Oliver and Wayne started to trade forearms in the center of the ring, slowing the pace down but that didn’t last long as Wayne hit a high flying maneuver followed by Oliver hitting Wayne with a powerbomb, but the pin was broken up by Ninja Mack. Gringo hit Mack with a top rope powerbomb followed by a fosbury flop taking out the competitors on the floor. Jack Cartwheel hit a beautiful Sasuke special which brought the crowd to their feet; not to be outdone Nick Wayne landed a 630 onto the competitors on the floor, rolled Jimmy Lloyd into the ring and hit him with an Ace Crusher for the victory.

Nick Wayne dives onto everyone then nails Jimmy Lloyd with a cutter for the win! #JJSB6

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) April 1, 2022


Nick Wayne Wins the Scramble Match

Singles Match: X-Pac vs. Joey Janela

As has been documented in the lead-up to this match these two have a long history together dating back to the original Jersey Championship Wrestling where they were tag team champions. Waltman has been retired for some time now and has chosen Game Changer Wrestling to have his final run. The two once again teamed up in Los Angeles to take on The Major Players (Bryan Myers and Matt Cardona) after successfully defeating them, X-Pac and Janela celebrated in the ring together until Joey attacked X-Pac from behind. Joey has gone on to cut some amazing promos pleading and begging to finally get the credit he so rightfully deserves. He wants his flowers. Will get them at this year’s installation of Spring Break.

Joey Janela turns on X-Pac | #GCWHeartbreak

The bell rang and Joey Janela ran in right away and hit a big boot to the 2x WWE Hall of Famer X-Pac. X-Pac spiked Janela with a powerbomb and went for the Bronco Buster but Janela bailed to the floor and was caught with a dive from X-Pac. The two brawled on the floor as Joey Janela sent X-Pac directly into the ring post. Joey continued to beat down X-Pac while he soaked in the hate from the capacity crowd in Dallas. As X-Pac was recovering in the ring, Joey Janela took it upon himself to build a door bridge on the floor. Janela attempted to send Pac through the door on the floor but Pac was able to divert Joey’s offense back into the ring. Joey continued to beat down X-Pac in the center of the ring but X-Pac landed a DDT leaving both men splayed out in the center of the ring. They got back to their feet and traded strikes in the center of the ring but X-Pac took Janela’s head off with a series of leg lariats, which was then followed up with the Bronco Buster.

Joey brought X-Pac back up onto the apron and went for another move but X-Pac was able to muscle his way out, punching Joey in the face and hit with a slingshot senton that planted Joey through the door. X-Pac rolled Joey back into the ring and hit him with a Canadian destroyer followed by an X-Factor; Joey’s foot was under the rope which caused a delayed count from the ref. Joey went under the ring for the third time and brought a door into the ring, placed X-Pac on the door, but he was able to recover and hit an X-Factor through the door, but Joey was able to get his foot on the ropes again. X-Pac climbed to the top rope only to be cut off with a palm strike from Joey who hit him with a top rope brainbuster for a two count. Janela went to the top rope but got caught with a chairshot to the head which sent him flying through the door on the floor. Pac rolled Joey back into the ring and brained him with a chairshot to the head. Joey begged for mercy as X-Pac went to hit him again, Joey gave X-Pac a hug and hit him with a low blow and a superkick for the victory.

Not like this, Joey Janela defeats X-PAC! Fuck! #JJSB6

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) April 1, 2022


These two told a great story throughout this feud and it culminated in a very good match.

Joey Janela Defeated X-Pac

“I damn don’t feel like I still got it right now guy, it’s been an honor and a privilege to be in front of yall GCW is the place to be. I want to apologize to yall. I feel like I let yall down tonight. I’m pretty beat up, I still feel young but after my body is telling me what the fuck Sean. I tell my body I still love this shit. I want to thank all of yall and everyone in the back. GCW is my family yall and I’d take a bullet for anyone on that roster..”-X-Pac

GCW World Title Match: Jon Moxley (champion) vs. GCW Extreme Champion AJ Gray

Ever since AJ Gray was jumped by Rickey Shane Page and lost his newly won GCW World Championship his sole goal has been to regain the belt he truly never got a run with. At the Wrld on GCW AJ Gray was victorious in the Grab The Brass Ring Ladder Match and subsequently challenged the GCW Champion Jon Moxley. Moxley has held the GCW World Championship since September 2021 when he defeated Matt Cardona at The Art of War Games and faced his toughest competition yet.

AJ Gray calls out Jon Moxley for a GCW World Championship Match at Spring Break | #GCWHeartbreak

Both men came out to thunderous ovations as Emil J proved once again why he is the best ring announcer in the world, Justin Roberts can learn a thing or two, less is more. The crowd was evenly split to start this match, Mox pushed Gray but Gray pushed him right back, which only excited Moxley as he synched in a deep headlock. AJ Gray hit a leg lariat that sent the GCW World Champion to the floor; he returned to the ring and got right into AJ Gray’s face as they started to slug it out in the center of the ring. AJ connected with a big boot which sent Mox to the floor and followed it up with a tope taking out Mox. The two start brawling throughout the arena, bashing each other into various objects; Mox climbed up onto the hard camera position as he soaked in the adulation of the crowd. Mox hit the now bloodied AJ Gray with a suplex on the floor and grabbed the barbed wire door and placed it into the center of the ring. AJ Gray got caught with a release suplex which sent him crashing into the barbed wire.

The ref had to help AJ Gray get free from the barbs with wire cutters but Mox grabbed them from the ref and started attacking the forehead of AJ Gray with the wire cutters. Mox then wrapped barbed wire around AJ Gray’s groin, Mox then wrapped the wire around his fist and proceeded to tee off on AJ’s forehead with strikes cutting up AJ’s head even more. Mox whipped AJ Gray with the barbed wire strand, wrapped it around his neck and hit a neck breaker for a two count. The world champion continued to tee off, slamming AJ Gray into the barbed wire. Mox set up the barbed wire door in the corner but he took too much time setting it up as he got caught by AJ who speared him through the door. AJ Gray started running wild with a series of stiff strikes and kicks, which sent a stunned Moxley into the corner. AJ Gray went to the floor and grabbed a ladder from underneath the ring, and he tried to bring the ladder into the ring but he was caught with a dropkick sending the ladder crashing into the challenger’s chest. AJ hit Mox with an STO on the apron, placed Mox on the door, and hit an elbow from the top of the ladder. AJ Gray takes a swig of Jameison’s before he goes back into the ring where he is met by a bloody Jon Moxley. Mox hit a massive lariat and went for a gotch-style piledriver but he got stacked up by AJ for a two count, AJ hit his lariat for another two count. With no other options left, AJ Gray went under the ring and grabbed a barbed wire light tube bundle, Moxley hit an ace crusher but landed fully on the barbed wire tubes for a two count.

The crowd got to their feet as Mox brought another set of tubes, placed them in the center of the ring and connected with the death rider for the victory.

Jon Moxley Retains the GCW World Championship

GCW Ultraviolent Title Match: Alex Colon (champion) vs. John Wayne Murdoch

Since the start of the Pandemic there has been a debate brewing online and in the ring about who is the best Deathmatch wrestler in the United States; both men have the accolades to back up their claims; Alex Colon has won Tournament of Survival three consecutive years, two impressive Ultraviolent Championship runs, and last year he won the Nick Gage Invitational, which is where John Wayne Murdoch returned to Game Changer Wrestling and blindsided Alex Colon.

always a bridesmaid, never a bride – John Wayne Murdoch returns to GCW | #GCWNGI6

Murdoch is a former King of the Deathmatch, he held and established the American Deathmatch Championship for 287 days, he’s competed and won two 60min Ironman Deathmatch, he’s faced and beat all the top names in American Deathmatch wrestling but he has not beaten Alex Colon. The two met on New Year’s Day where Colon handed Murdoch a beating, now is the time for Murdoch to firmly plant his flag and dethrone the reigning Tournament of Survival Champion and best Deathmatch Wrestler in America, Alex Colon.

John Wayne Murdoch came to the ring wearing white which means one thing, he’s going to leak; that notion was further confirmed as Alex Colon came to the ring with a gusset plate 2×4. Before Emil J could get the introduction out, John Wayne Murdoch broke a bundle of tubes over the head of the champion, JWM sent Colon into the ropes which were covered in tubes, Colon went to the top rope and JWM threw him off the top and through the lightube door on the floor. JWM stalked Colon on the floor throwing tubes onto Colon’s body, JWM grabbed a knife and started to carve away on Alex Colon’s head to the delight of the crowd. JWM soaked in the adulation of the crowd for a little bit too long as he was caught with a bundle of tubes from Alex Colon. JWM continued to pick apart the champion with various lightube shots until Colon cut him off with a tube assisted double knees. Colon was firmly in control of the match by this point as he started to carve away on the forehead of John Wayne Murdoch with the knife. The two traded headbutts on the floor as the crowd watched on in an uncomfortable silence, both men made it back into the ring as a box of gusset plates were introduced into the match. Colon started to gain some momentum, teeing off on Murdoch with lightubes and a lightube assisted leg drop.

Legdrop and/or double stomp on The Duke & Tubes from Colon! #JJSB6

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) April 1, 2022

Colon connected with a light tube-assisted suicide dive that broke right on Murdoch’s face. Alex Colon got sent into the ring post and crumpled onto the floor and started screaming. The refs come to the ring and tape up Colon’s arm, Murdoch hit Colon with a brainbuster for a two count, he ‘hit’ Colon with the gusset plate 2×4 followed by a cross arm breaker for the victory. Not sure what happened at the end with Colon but I hope he’s okay.

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Alex Colon to win the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

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