John and Wai's Patreon Lens Video Posts

I am really enjoying these Patreon Lens posts from John and Wai they are posting to document their journey. I kinda wish they would do more. Not sure the length of the videos they do can go, seems short like Insta. Still, they are very cool. What do you guys think of them?


I’m enjoying them and finding that I wish they were longer! Very jealous of their experience.

They have a 10 second limit just like SnapChat and Insta stories. Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad it came along before Mania season.


Impossible to miss a thing with all these email notifications I’ve been receiving haha! no seriously thank you for all the updates.

Yeah, dude, they rock! I think it would be fun to see even more! It would be hilarious to see recordings of you cats dealing with the car rental reps or the John at the ticket counter at Axxess, for example :slight_smile:

Between Lens and the podcasts, I feel like I’m in NO. I love it guys, keep it up!

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I think these are really cool. I felt like I was on the journey with you guys in NOLA.

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These are hilarious. Please continue to do these to annoy John.

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Please tell me you’ll be posting on Lens this week?!

Yes – all weekend

:raised_hands: my prayers have been answered :raised_hands:

I’m enjoying the return of these, but these also make me jealous that I’m not going to WrestleMania.

Is it weird to see Suzuki’s entrance feature everyday.

I am so bummed Sazuki doesn’t have a match at MSG. I need Kaze Ni Nare at the Worlds Most Famous Arena

Do you think he has any shot of being Bully Ray’s mystery opponent?

It’s announced already. Juice Robinson. Such a missed opportunity.

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That is such a bummer. Give the people 10 minutes of Suzuki / Ishii!