John Cena and Nikki Bella announce they have split up

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US Weekly revealed on Sunday that John Cena and fiancé Nikki Bella (Nicole Garcia-Colace) have broken up after being together since 2012.

The outlet was given the news from the couple with the following statement issued:

While this decision was a difficult one, we continue to have a great deal of love and respect for one another. We ask that you respect our privacy during this time in our lives.

While the relationship had gone on for years, it wasn’t until the Total Divas series launched in 2013 that it was acknowledged publicly by the company, and even then, it was restricted to the series and not part of their WWE storylines. The two were eventually acknowledged as a couple in the leadup to last year’s WrestleMania 33 card where they teamed up against The Miz and Maryse. The match was a backdrop for the post-match marriage proposal by Cena, designed to be a major storyline on Total Bellas (the spinoff to Total Divas) and culminate in the couple’s wedding.

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He did say he would never get married again

RIP the women’s division…Cena gonna run through them like the Nexus.

Looks like Cena is going to be doing the 5-Knuckle Shuffle tonight.

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I feel at least kind of bad, both seemed like good people that were happy together. I guess Daniel and Brie have that super strong connection.

Time to put the online psychologist hat on…Let’s do the math here.

Cena’s in ring career is heading towards its twighlight, but his Hollywood career is just taking off.

She wants kids based off the reality show. But also wants to spread her wings in other businesses with her sister in the wine and fashion industry.

He doesn’t kids and based on the fact he meets dying kids almost every week since 2005, one could understand why he wouldn’t.

Relationship strain could’ve happened based on their schedules and priorities being in totally different states.

Or someone cheated.

I always got a “showbiz relationship” vibe from those two

To me, it feels like Nikki wanted to change him (or his views on marriage/kids) and it didn’t work out.


There’s a snow storm in April, schools are cancelled in my region, which never happens, and now this! It’s the end of the world as we know it…

And I feel fine :slight_smile:


Are we sure this isn’t a story fed to US Weekly to fuel interest in Total Bellas which was set to return Spring 2018?

Unless I missed the Instagram or social media post in which one blasted the others actions publically I don’t buy them feeding a non-descript impersonal statement to a second rate tabloid.
File this under the - not falling for it - category for me

smart man! She always looked like a gold digger to me. Maybe she wouldn’t accept a Pre-Nup.

It always seemed obvious that he was pressured into the WM proposal to create a cringeworthy “WrestleMania Moment”. Since that moment he was just waiting for the right time to kick out.

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I think he was pushed into proposing and that probably sat on him to much. She may have also got tired of not getting what she feels she needs in her life. Sometimes these things just don’t work out.

Read more from People Magazine…call me wayyyyyyyy to smarky but this just reads like a huge play to get ratings to Total Bella’s. If they cancel the premier and Season 3 next month I’ll buy this as real, but otherwise they are going to have an entire season around a marriage we know isn’t happening?

Also - this fits Cena’s losing everything WWE story. And he looks like a huge fraud and jackass for proposing in front of millions - can’t imagine the box office will be happy with him on that one. Bad PR if this is real. Keep that locked up privately but unless you WANT the public to be in on the storyline, you don’t blab to tabloids like that.

I guess you’ve never heard of the Bachelor and Bachelorette then. Reality TV is made for this kind of drama. If you’ve seen Total Divas or Total Bellas over the years it’s completely believable that the Cena/Nikki marriage wasn’t going to happen. They always seemed to be on the verge of breaking up. The Wrestlemania proposal and their engagement is what felt fake.

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Spoilers for those shows usually are not just leaked to the public, however. In this case it feels like the split is used to fuel the interest. I am curious how they structured the season. I guess it peaks my interest. Which is what I think they tried to do releasing this information now - weeks before the season launches.

Does this mean Miz and Maryse win the feud?

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They just ran out of the big mo I guess.

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The Mizanins played the long game and got a baby and their own reality show out of it - they lost the tag match but win the feud!


Let’s revisit this shall we:

Do we believe this split to be real or is this all a plotted story loosely related in reality (the wedding may have been postponed but a full blown breakup? :thinking:)