John Cena blink twice if you are hostage

“Hi China, I’m John Cena. I’m in the middle of Fast & Furious 9 promotions. I’m doing a lot of interviews. I made a mistake in one of my interviews. Everyone was asking me if I could use Chinese… the staff [of the movie] gave me a lot of information, so there was a lot of interviews and information. I made one mistake. I have to say something very, very, important now. I love and respect China and Chinese people. I’m very, very sorry about my mistake. I apologize, I’m very sorry. You must understand that I really love, really respect China and the Chinese people. My apologies. See you.”

Video is embedded on twitter, but the above was a translation from South China Morning Post. He called Taiwan a country and then had to issue an apology. Isn’t Taiwan a country?

The more these global stars go over there the more it seems these stars wind up in some controversy.

UPDATE - for those interested - Article from New York Times:


China takes this sort of stuff very seriously. A friend of mine was working as a DJ at an English-language radio station and off-handedly mentioned on-air that the track he’d just played was from an Amnesty International benefit comp and it nearly cost him his job.

John Cena may be bought and sold by corrupt politicians and the movie studios they fellate, but I am not. Fuck the CCP and free the Taiwanese people from their oppressive regime. That is all.

So John Cena was scripted to say something stupid by an evil leader and just did it blindly?

I’m shocked.