John Cena on Id10t Podcast

I can’t tell if this is John Cena actually being human or if someone programmed the Cenabot to be that way on this particular day. Most of the discussion is wrestling related.

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Holyshit this is like a lesson from a rasslin Yoda.

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I’m having a hard time getting used to the name ID10T. It will always be Nerdist to me. Couple min in. Hardwick mentioned the name CM Punk. Cena did not take the bait.


It’s like he’s teaching a seminar…should be used in wrestling schools.

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I’ve not listened to this yet but Hardwick and Punk are friends. Hardwick’s also not a “gotcha” guy. I doubt there was bait to be taken, Hardwick just doesn’t know shit about wrestling and was mentioning the one guy he does know.

That was my read of it. Hardwick was just saying how all the wrestlers he’s met were good guys mentioning Punk, Foley, and Jericho.

In all fairness Hardwick was his normal perfectly affable self. It wasn’t a negative. More saying that Cena could have paused on the names Punk, Foley, and Jericho and brought up an anecdote or 2 discussing their nerdom if he were less experienced at being interviewed but he just powered right through and made his point. I highly doubt Hardwick is aware of the issues between punk and the wwe but I’m sure Cena is savvy enough to dance around any reference to punk with elegance no matter how he is brought up.

Why would Cena even talk about CM Punk? That makes no sense in any context of what he was there to promote and what the conversation turned into.