John Cena’s Wrestlemania opponent

In this weeks observer newsletter Meltzer says he has been told that the rumoured match between Cena & Styles isn’t happening and that he’s in a much bigger match than that, if that’s the case who do you guys think his opponent will be? Goldberg? Undertaker?

Joe? Brock? Roman? Triple H? Kurt? Shinsuke? Possibilities are endless.

That obviously is taking a shot at Styles not being seen as a Wrestlemania main eventer. I could see Taker having a real retirement match if he feels up for it. I can’t see Goldberg or Brock (again). Think Brock vs Roman is in stone.

I’d guess Undertaker. No idea if he’d be in ring shape, or why they’d want to trot him out again, though.

@Pickles0303 - Of the names mentioned to face Cena at ‘Mania, I would prefer Batista, if he were available.

There is too much that comes with Hogan, plus his health and age at this point.

It might be an unpopular opinion, but I wouldn’t want the Undertaker to come back for another match.

I think we Cena vs Balor. Playing off the Survior Series interaction and having them cross paths in the rumble could lead to a Demon vs Suoer Cena match. Then we get the usual pass the tourch stuff. Just a thought

He’ll win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal


I still would love to see Cena-Taker but I really dont believe thats happening

I got the feeling they’ll be going for Cena vs Taker as well. Like many though, I feel like it should’ve happened WAAAAAAAAAAAAY sooner.

I know this might be far-fetched, but I would like to see him in there with Hulk Hogan. I know he’s older and not as mobile, but it will still be a great spectacle. And thinking that Cena and Hogan are the two mega stars of WWE that were on top for so long.

Any thoughts on this?

Hulk Hogan is 64. That’s a dozen years older than The Undertaker. If he has any future on WWE programming I’d hope and pray it’s nothing to do with actually wrestling a match. This would have been interesting a decade or so ago, though.

Enough is enough…even watching Taker walk to the ring looks painful.

I can see Cena injected into a triple threat with Roman and Lesnar.

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The only Cena match I’m interested in at this point, is against Samoa Joe. I’ve never been a Cena hater, I’m not a huge fan, but I respect the big matches he’s been able to put on. I just think he doesnt have it any more. I havent seen a solid Cena match, since him and AJ at Summerslam. I dont see what others do, in their Royal Rumble match.


He might be put with Braun and they use him to make Braun a legit top guy.

Yeah. Last year was depressing and anyone that thinks that was Roman’s fault is blind.

Would be a great match, but Balor “much bigger” than Styles. I doubt it.

That racist old coot can stay off my TV for the rest of his life for all I care. I don’t care how important his legacy is to wrestling and the WWE specifically. I don’t want to see him in the ring ever again. I don’t want to see him celebrated as a legend when he speaks about other human beings in a manner that tells you he believes they are less than human purely because of the colour of their skin.

That’s a fair shout. I can certainly see the 'E seeing Cena/Strowman as bigger than Cena/Styles… but I doubt it’ll be as good.

If it were me booking with the options on the table Id say Brock.

I never honestly thought it would get to the point where I don’t want to see the undertaker wrestle anymore but here it is. His story is over and he’s earned the right to rest in peace.

Batista could certainly be interesting, market it as Superman vs Drax.


LOL at thinking it’s Taker…what a slap in the face of everyone who used the #thankyoutaker.

Rather he finally gets in the Andre battle royal like he was trying to for 3 years in a row and have his wedding tbh.

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I think they want Undertaker… other than Styles or Nakamura, there’s no one currently in WWE that would get me really excited so I think it has to be a legend. I’m still holding out hope that Austin will one day have one more match :slight_smile:

Cena has not wrestled a true Mania main event since 2012 with Rock. Would it be shocking to see him in that spot this year when his full time schedule is already winding down? Not at all. So the question then becomes who could dance with him in that spot:
The “likely never happening but yeah, duh”

  • Hogan
  • Austin
  • Vince
  • Punk
    The “could happen and be the final match”
  • Taker
  • Rock
  • Brock
  • Angle
  • HHH
    The “this would therefore make it bigger than Styles”
  • Title match without Styles involved.

Imagine they take the belt off AJ to push the Cena match. I assume Cena would need to be chasing to have the record breaking win at Mania but my goodness the guy who takes it off AJ will be hated