John Cena Sr. reacts to his son's comments about WWE releases, disagrees with his "defensive hiring" remark

Originally published at John Cena Sr. reacts to his son's comments about WWE releases

John Cena Sr. reacts to his son’s response to WWE’s mass releases.

In early January, while John Cena was a guest on The Rich Eisen Show, he was asked about WWE’s mass releases. Cena explained that at one point, mass releases happened often and then once those mass releases stopped, WWE began to stack talent and now they’re back to doing the mass releases.

As for WWE’s hiring strategy prior to their cuts over the past several years, Cena believes a bit of defensive hiring was done. John Cena Sr. reacted to his son’s comments during his sit-down conversation with Boston Wrestling MWF. He feels that his son has a different perspective seeing as how WWE is like family to him, but disagrees with his “defensive hiring” remark.

I’m not going to say anything .

You know, I’m going to say this, WWE is John’s family, it’s his home. It’s where he started, it’s something he truly loves. It’s something he will defend, but he’s not afraid to say if it’s right or wrong so I guess you a term we use now for letting people go?… Yes, I’m sure we do.

I would disagree with his statement, only to the point — and I’ll say this as, forget my son, as person to person. If you are in business and you had superstars putting the asses in the seats that they were doing and you failed to write storylines to continue to make that character grow such as Braun Strowman when he was the killer, he was the giant and then they made him out to be a fool. They destroyed him. Somebody — Bray Wyatt. For the life of me, I still can’t understand that. So when you say ‘defensive hiring’ John, defensive stupidity. Somebody wants to cut that bottom line for a reason and then you turn around and as my friend here says, we’re gonna pay Kevin Owens three million dollars. It makes no sense.

Again John, ‘defensive hiring’, you got your opinion, I got mine. I call it foolishness and stupidity. They lost some good superstars, people who are putting asses in seats and making money for the company. Flipside, if they ask for their release, that’s their decision but ‘defensive hiring’? Wrong words.

John Cena wrapped up his latest run with WWE at SummerSlam 2021. This year, he stated that he’s not done with WWE ‘by a long shot’.

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John Cena is the walking company policy. I couldn’t agree more with his father.

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I fail to see the connection. Cena Jr. said they did defensive hiring, my interpretation of that (maybe im wrong), is that that they hired talent to keep them away from places like AEW. They did.

Cena Sr. says that the booked guys like Braun and Bray poorly, and the talent deserved better they did.

I fail to see how these are opposing views.

WWE stacked their roster to prevent talent from going elsewhere, then booked many of these guys poorly, and at some point had a change in mindset and let a large % go. I’m not saying its right or wrong, thats not the point, but thats what they did.