John Cena to corner Carmelo Hayes for match, Cody Rhodes making 'major announcement' on 10/10 WWE NXT

Originally published at John Cena to corner Carmelo Hayes for match, Cody Rhodes making 'major announcement' on 10/10 WWE NXT

The 16-time WWE World Champion is coming to NXT. 

Newly crowned NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov and North American Champion Trick Williams shared a moment in the ring on the 10/3 WWE NXT. This led to former champion Carmelo Hayes joining them. The focus shifted over to Williams’ title defense against Dominik Mysterio and after Mysterio made a comment about Williams still being in Hayes’ shadow, Williams declined Hayes’ offer to be in his corner for the match. 

Afterwards, Hayes ran into Bron Breakker backstage and Breakker encouraged him to use the rage that stems from his loss at No Mercy and take that out on everyone including Trick Williams. Carmelo said that was not happening, but he did request a match against Breakker for the 10/10 NXT and cornering him will be 16-time WWE World Champion John Cena. 

Following that announcement, it was unveiled that Cody Rhodes is going to make a ‘major announcement’ on next week’s NXT. 

Earlier in the show, it had been confirmed that Asuka will be going one-on-one with Roxanne Perez on 10/10. NXT is set to go head-to-head with AEW’s Title Tuesday edition of Dynamite.

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Cody Rhodes
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Now that we all know what NXT is doing, let’s see what AEW adds to Dynamite in addition to Adam Copeland.

It’s a marathon not a sprint…

I think they forgot to add Roman Reigns giving Bron spear tips to the show.

Was thinking about this earlier in the week. The only side that “loses” in the war is the side that tries to win it. WWE is doing fine. AEW is doing fine. Unless they end up in a situation like the Monday Night Wars where they are consistently running head-to-head, there’s no real need to give a shit what the other promotion is doing other than ego and fear of public perception.

The best way to big time your competition isn’t to beat them. It’s to “nothing” them.

I imagine these stacking is TV rights related, not AEW related. Which you could argue are interrelated, but I think it would have more to do with Smackdown getting booted from Fox next year and wanting to bring up NXT’s numbers.

I dont think WWE leaving Fox for USA has anything to do with WWE putting stars on NXT for 1 week.

They’ve been doing it for much longer than one week.

It could be a week, month, or year I don’t think people showing up on NXT has anything to do with WWE leaving Fox. Especially now that they are so locked in with Comcast/NBC Universal, if anything I would imagine they are at ease.

The only reasons I can see are because USA are asking them to boost ratings so USA can get more for $ for ad time, or the NXT rights expiring somewhat soon and they want to boost their averages so they can get paid more for the next deal.

You’re making it sound like they got cancelled by FOX and are scrambling which is much different then USA outbidding FOX which is what happened.