John Cena would've liked to mess with the flaws of his character, feels there’s years worth of story in that

Originally published at John Cena would've liked to mess with the flaws of his character

Cena looks back on the characters he’s portrayed during his wrestling and film careers.

The 16-time WWE World Champion John Cena is continuing to make the media rounds to promote ‘Peacemaker’. Yesterday, it was made public that season two of the HBO Max series was renewed.

GQ hosted a sit-down conversation with Cena and he dove into the characters that he’s portrayed during his wrestling and film careers respectively. Cena touched on the idea of him turning heel in WWE and said he does not make those choices, so he had to figure out a way to add layers to what he had to present on television.

Cena added that it would have been fun to tweak the flaws of ‘WWE John Cena’ and thinks there’s a decade more worth of stories within that.

It takes a certain type of individual to go out there and play your hit song every night for two decades. There are decisions I can make, but I don’t make, ‘Okay, now John Cena’s gonna be a bad guy.’ I don’t make that choice. Then I can be like, ‘Okay, I’m never gonna be a bad guy. How can I nuance a virtuous character?’ Would it have been great to be able to mess with the ‘flaws’ of WWE John Cena? Oh my goodness, I think there’s another ten years worth of story in there. But it’s not my choice. I don’t run the company.

Cena has been away from WWE programming since August when he wrapped up his latest stint with the company. Coming out of SummerSlam 2021, Cena said he is far from done in WWE.

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