John Laurinaitis' lawyer issues statement about Janel Grant lawsuit

Originally published at John Laurinaitis' lawyer issues statement about Janel Grant lawsuit

Laurinaitis’ lawyer issues a statement. 

Edward M. Brennan is representing John Laurinaitis in the sex trafficking/abuse lawsuit that former WWE employee Janel Grant filed against Vince McMahon, Laurinaitis and the WWE. 

The latest on that front is Brennan issued a statement on behalf of Laurinaitis: 


John Laurinaitis has filed a Motion today fully joining in and adopting Vince McMahon’s motion to compel arbitration. Mr. Laurinaitis corroborates Mr. McMahon in publicly declaring that Ms. Grant’s allegations of sexual abuse and coercion in her Complaint are completely unfounded. My client will fight these false allegations together with Mr. McMahon in the proper forum, arbitration.

Vince McMahon enlisted the services of the public relations firm, Sitrick and Company, to represent him.

Not good for Janel

I don’t think it breaks the case or anything, but definitely not for the prosecution. I don’t see this ending in anything but a settlement anyways since a civil case at the end of the day is about money regardless of what lawyers say which is all posturing anyways.

The judge has to question Laurenitis’ conflicting, on-the-record public statements from the filing, and this response before any of this is damming for her case. But it’s not good. Lol.

It’s quite the swerve Johnny Ace has pulled here in public statements on the topic. He’s learned from the wrestling playbook well, I guess.

Moreover, the loyalty to Vince McMahon continues and I’m sure Johnny’s got a payday coming for this swerve as well.

Settlements likely.

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Surely this changes nothing for the Plaintiff’s case. John L is a slimeball just like his buddy. We all knew that.


Where it hurts is he would have been a witness for the prosecution. By no means does it break her case, but they loose a weapon. With that said, they still have plenty of ammo.

My novice opinion is that this is a positive sign for VKM. Scumbag Johnny Ace’s presumably scumbag lawyer must suspect that a settlement or something in (scumbag) Vince’s favor is coming.

Yep. I totally wouldn’t be stunne if at some point he’s back on WWE TV.

That’s quite a leap from Point A to Point B.

I kind of feel like this is bigger than maybe you guys do. She has no one who agrees with her account of it and they have two people on the other side. I don’t think they’re going to go to a trial like that. So she lost a huge position here.

I wouldn’t put it past Vince to have a settlement where she admits. She did everything wrong and Vince was not to blame.

Scumbag Vince has set up a legal team for a the ages it seems. The best that money can buy. same with his PR team. This was always going to be an uphill battle.

Also maybe it’s just me. But when P&T had Ann Callis on, she came off very unlikeable, not genuine and a wolf in sheep’s clothing kind of vibe. She is clearly enjoying the spotlight. Maybe it’s just me.

Whereas Vince lawyers are all business. They are unlikeable, maybe even detestable. But you can tell that they are just very fucking good at their job.

It’s definitely David vs Goliath


Not to mention, this could get very expensive for her. Imagine if Vince wants his $1mil back. If she loses, she may have to cough up Vince’s lawyer bills which I imagine will be in the multi millions.

I agree!

Ann comes across like Stephen P New - trying to make their name with wrestling

Vince’s lawyers are sharks - not looking for fame

I 100 % agree, and perception is a part of every legal issue. Callis also seems rather quick to counter any information from the defendant’s side with seemingly rushed statements, which could be perceived as desperately trying to control the public discourse and counter every move. When you read Vince’s team’s statements, those are laser-focused.

Seems like Vince’s PR and attorneys already took your guys’ spirit.


I truly don’t have a clue what Vince PR team has done or said about him, and my opinion has not changed. Just looking at the facts, the prosecution lost a key witness who was on their side, that’s not a good thing. Doesn’t mean the case is over, but there is no way to look at this in a positive light for them.

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I dunno, the whole “who writes 24 drafts of a love letter and doesn’t mean it?” part of their defense sticks out to me that they aren’t exactly firing on all cylinders either but I don’t really know anything about anything.

Even if it ends in a settlement at this point it’s good at least to me that Vince lost his WWE gig. Janel’s up against evil people with unlimited resources, so getting Vince ousted, revealing him and John for what they are and getting a fat settlement is alright, even if it isn’t the justice that I selfishly want to see at the end of this.


I don’t disagree, lol. In a way, the “24 drafts” line actually supports the power and control disparity argued for by Grant’s side. They could use the decades of history of Vince ripping up scripts and endless rewrites to show a similar type of controlling or dictating behavior in the workplace that is alleged in the lawsuit, which would have played into Grant’s endless rewrites (different from RAW rewrites) and some of the phrasing from the text messages about the “love letter.”

That’s a line (or phrasing) I’m not sure they should have used as it opens up too many avenues to explore that could work against Vince. So, yeah, not operating on all cylinders. I agree there. I don’t think any parities legal team is firing on all cylinders, both sides are questionable. LOL.

To be clear, I was impressed by McMahon’s high-powered legal team’s writing quality in the response to the suit from a technical writing standpoint.

What’s clear is there’s a definite advantage and a power disparity between the sides… kind of like the relationship at the core of this lawsuit, which, like that relationship, is slanted toward McMahon’s side, which Jonny’s swerve moves the balance of power further to McMahon’s side, for now. Sorry for the confusion. The response to Grant’s lawsuit was excellently prepared and constructed from a writing perspective. The comments the legal team made before the suit, much like Johnny Ace’s, should raise questions from the prosecution, judge, and potential jurors.


From “I’m also a victim” to “there were no victims”?? :clown_face: I don’t think this swings momentum but might indeed signal likelihood of settlement talks. Thinking Johnny Ace appears on-screen for WWE is not a serious take. :clown_face: :clown_face:

Yeah, that may not have been a strong point but look at what they’ve managed to accomplish. They managed to get Johnny Ace to flip-flop, they did publish a love letter this lady wrote, which, even if you don’t care about the draft thing, does damage her case a little.

It seems like and it’s just a much smaller operation than these people and she is definitely giving a lot of interviews which maybe she thinks helps her case although I’m not sure how. It’s not being litigated in the court of public opinion. So I imagine some of it is maybe to damage Vince’s reputation, which is already damaged, but perhaps it’s also to get her name out there.

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